My Must Have Basics for a  Modern Wardrobe

10 items every woman must have in her closet , 10 items for a capsule wardrobe, 10 French classics and many more such posts and articles are available to read online, in magazines and in any style tome about the classics every woman must have in her closet for that perfect wardrobe. And creating a perfect wardrobe is not easy, its important to know what suits you, your shape and your lifestyle, understanding this is a good place to start creating a wardrobe with clothes that make you look your best everyday and at any occasion.

A woman’s closet is ever evolving and to have that perfect closet one must put in a little effort to begin with and choose carefully. If you have a plan you can slowly build your wardrobe and over a period of time it gets easy. Creating clusters for every part of your lifestyle is one way to start.  My approach now (now being the key word) is  to keep updating the classics, invest  in Quality basics and add a few fun and interesting pieces. But over the years I’ve know for sure the items I need year round in my wardrobe. And in our country where we have a choice of both Indian and western wear, I have this list of must haves separately for both Indian and Western wear. I personally choose to wear Indian wear for special occasions and events and its not often that I choose to wear Indian wear for my everyday life.

So here are my must have classics in my modern wardrobe :

  1. A Classic White Shirt. For work, for lunch, for dinner, for a hot summer day, on the beach,  for brunch, to a movie, at the theatre. You can wear it everywhere. All you need is a crisp and clean.

white shirt 1

2.  Basic Tees in Neutral colors of Black and White in a comfortable fit.

white tee tees

3. A Navy Blazer – Can be worn as a full suit for work and also over jeans. I also like to wear it when I’m traveling especially when its to the United States or Europe.

navy blazer


4. The obvious but I ve found to be most useful  Little Black Dress in a style that is most flattering for you.


5. The perfectly fitted Blue Jeans, No explanations required.

blue jeans light blue jeans

6. Black Pants – This is so versatile and an essential part of my wardrobe. Can be worn for day, for evening, for work or even just out shopping.

black pants

7 Striped Tees – So chic, cool and very French. There is a stripe for everyone, I find the slimmer lines suit me best. I collect them year round and cant seem to have enough of these.

striped tees8. Denim Shirt – I can wear this everywhere literally, on holiday, in town for lunch, to the movies or the park with my toddler.

denim shirt

9. A pencil skirt – Perfect for work, after work outings and parties

pencil skirt 1

10. A Black Cardigan – Super Versatile and must have. It goes everywhere with me  to work , in my bag for when the AC is on full blast in the office, while traveling or to throw on when I’m running errands. I prefer one in cashmere for its softness.

black cardigan

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