Now that we are fully into summer here in India its time to update our  summer style if you haven’t already done so. I have over a period of time started to update my wardrobe seasonally which is hard for a shopaholic like me and I’m trying to pare down my wardrobe to include more quality items that will last longer and seasonally updated with some  chic updates along with my must have essentials.

So here are my 10 Summer Style Must haves :

1. The crisp white shirt. One can never have enough of white casual tees, white cotton shirts, white loose peasant style embroidered tops or chikan work tunics.

White shirt
Casual White Shirt





      2. LWD – The little white dress is a classic and must have for summer to wear on a date, lunch with the girls, to hang by the  pool side, for barbecues or Sunday brunches.

summery white dress
Summery White Dress









3. Colorful printed tunics make for a burst of color and will keep you cool from  shops like Anokhi

Colorful Tunic from Anokhi






4. Capri pants – No explanation required








5. White Jeans – Again white but this one of my favorite items for  summer  and to be honest year round

White Jeans
White Jeans







 6. A-line skirts in the colors like peach, sunshine yellow, salmon pink, aqua. Colors of  spring and summer.









7. Nautical Tees – A classic on a hot summer day. Its obvious from the images shared on this post that I love Nautical stripes, So chic don’t you think.

Nautical Tee
Nautical Tee







8.  Maxi Dresses – Perfect for those summer nights out

maxi dress 1







9. A personal favorite  anything with a Floral print. More Spring than summer but I can wear it all year round.

floral print 1






10.Cotton or linen  fluid pants  in bright colors.










Let me know what you think in the comments below and add more summer must haves to this list I may have missed completely

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