If you like a lot of people around the world you suffer from Monday-itis wherein you have a depressing feeling on Sunday night just thinking of the upcoming Monday, you wake up the next morning feeling lousy and then proceed to hit your office floor feeling like you’ve just come straight from the battle field after battling rush hour traffic, getting the kids off to school or just getting yourself out of the door then here are 12 ways to make your Monday’s better.

  1.  Dress Up – Get dressed to the nines, Monday morning is one time to come out all guns blazing. When you’re looking fabulous you will feel fabulous too. So go ahead and plan that rock star outfit every Sunday night with accessories to go. Bring the Best version yourself every day and definitely on a Monday.
  2. Have a Healthy Breakfast – Plan to have a healthy breakfast say like oatmeal with nuts and almond milk with a fresh fruit smoothie or a veggie omelette and organise your ingredients the night before. Go a step further and plan your whole week’s menu and get that shopping done over the weekend. When you leave the house having eaten a healthy breakfast you know you’re keeping your blood sugars stable, your body fuelled and your mood on an even keel.
  3. Listen to Upbeat Music – Create a playlist of happy songs. Research says that an organ in your inner ear responds to frequencies in music and is connected to the area in your brain that is responsible for pleasure. Although not all songs will improve your mood just the ones which are upbeat and energising with uplifting lyrics.
  4. Start Early – Get an early start, that’s one way to feel less frazzled and to beat rush hour traffic. Plan your outfit, plan your meals, keep your car tanked up, your keys and everything else you need for the day handy and ready to go.
  5. Buy some Flowers – Yes start your Monday with a bunch of flowers to cheer yourself up either at your desk or at the end the day by getting a little pick me up on your way home.
  6. Have yourself a laugh – Find a funny you tube video and watch it to give yourself a mid-day high. Or watch a funny clip from your favourite movie, you will flood your system with happy hormones and put a smile on your face and we all know a smile is infectious
  7. Get a workout – Yup get in a workout first thing in the morning and you ll be flooded with feel good endorphins all through the day. Even if it’s a walk it will add a spring in your step.
  8. Stylish Coffee Mug – Get yourself a really cool mug to down that latte and perk up mid afternoon
  9. Meditate – Yes you can, at the end of the Day close your eyes and lie down or sit up and breathe deeply and let those stressful thoughts outta of that head.
  10. Savour the little things – Having  lunch at the office with your own pretty cutlery, listening to sounds of nature downloaded on to your phone for a few minutes, watching the sunset if you can see it from your office window, eating a piece of chocolate at your desk and savouring it. Making it a point to appreciate the little things in your life and feeling gratitude for all that you have will make you feel calmer and happier
  11. Hydrate and breathe – Remember to drink lots of water and stopping  to take deep breaths every now and then through the day will make you feel centred.
  12. Call your loved one during your day and tell them how much you love them. This is one sure-fire way to put a smile on your face. Nothing like love baby!

Happy Monday everyone!