Office Cubicle13 Work Desk Essentials Every Woman should have :



Your Work desk at  the office or at Home is an important space in your life, it’s where all those brilliant and creative ideas usually materialise, it’s where you spend a lot of your working hours at, it’s where you Ideate, Create, Problem Solve, Plan,Organise your work and life, Think, Read, Bang out Reports, Memos, Emails, Prepare, Relax over Coffee,Talk and Meet with Co-Workers. Which is why its not just the desk décor which matters, but it’s also important to be prepared for anything the day throws at you. What’s worked for me is being well prepared at my desk, so much so that people especially women at work would know I was well stocked and stop by for everything from   office supplies to snacks and safety pins to feminine stuff. Here is my list of the 13 Work Desk Essentials every woman must have stocked in her desk.

  1. Phone and Laptop Chargers – Always have an extra phone and laptop charger in your desk especially if you carry your laptop back and forth from home to office and tend to work from home on some days.
  2. Memory Stick – Always useful to have one handy especially when suddenly your laptop stops working in the middle of a presentation!
  3. Flats – Especially if you like wearing high heels in to work and need to be on your feet sometimes then this is a life saver.
  4. Water –  Stay hydrated and keep a refillable bottle or can at work.
  5. Snacks – Make it healthy, Nuts, Energy Bars, Tea Bags, Ready to make soup sachet and candy for a lil pick me up
  6. Feminine Products – We’ve all been there and sometimes got in a terrible panic and been ever so grateful for those well planned co workers who lent you stuff. So best be prepared and stock up on not just sanitary napkins or tampons but also a Deodorant and small bottles of perfume samples.
  7. Breath mints – To mask those post lunch/snack breath odour.
  8. Hand sanitizer – You know why.
  9. Hair Brush and extra Hair Ties or Clips
  10. Wet Wipes
  11. Hand cream
  12. Lip Balm – I had a tough time when I had a bout of really chapped lips and no lip balm in the  air-conditioned  dry office.
  13. A Warm shawl or shrug – For days when the a/c is working overtime and turns the office into the arctic

Needless to add I’m assuming you’ve already got all those office supplies like paper clips, writing pads, your planner, Table calendar, Staples, Marker Pens stocked up.

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