Happy Independence Day to you all.On this Independence Day like all others I take a moment to count my blessings. I am grateful to be born in this wonderful land of beauty, culture, Rich History and Chaos of the present. I am grateful for the freedom we enjoy everyday. I am grateful for the Democracy we enjoy and most of all despite everything that seems to be wrong in this country I thank my lucky stars for the fact that I don’t live in war torn Syria or Yemen or Iraq. Or not in a famine struck place or in a part of the world that is overrun by drug lords and violent gangs and have to live my life in fear. I’m thankful to be in a country where there is hope, a future, a chance to achieve your dreams and immense opportunity. I’m blessed to be an Indian and I savour my right to vote, my freedom to drive a car,my chance to pursue my dreams and ambitions and exercise my free will and voice to whatever extent I can. I also hope and pray that all of us will pledge to be better citizens of this Country and follow the law of this land which also means following those traffic rules and garbage disposal rules whether you like it or not.