Every New Year I make plans, resolutions and create strategies for what I want to do in my life that year.But this year I also reviewed my last year’s resolutions. I was annoyed with myself for actually failing to do even half of what I had resolved to do. Which tells me 2 things about myself. One that I make resolutions but don’t seem to care enough to achieve them and second I lack the  will or grit as you would say to see them through. Both these qualities are just not who I think I am. Really was it so difficult to make time to learn to swim or to run a 10 k ?

So here is what I did last week before the New Year :

1. I revisited my last year’s goals, called myself a shit or not doing it and decided that I am going to make it happen this year.

2. The first one up is the 10k, I m running that on the 31st of January 2017 and have commenced my training with this wonderful group of women who are all being trained by Happy Healthy Me Organics. Its an organic food company run by my dear friend Misha Gill and her equally passionate partner Namu Kini. I needed the motivation and support that they are providing to get this done.


3. Next I ve created a launch plan for the launch of my company – Rae Image Consulting. Yes we launch this year and I hope to work hard at making it a success.

4. Also up is to keep at my yoga practice.


5. I ve taken some time to also shortlist a place I want to go to learn how to cook a few things on my wish list. Manju’s Cooking Class here I come. Ive also signed up to the Epicurious’s #cook90 challenge. The #cook90 challenge is simple: cook three meals a day, every day, for a whole month.

6. I have started decluttering with a vengeance  as well as have started working on keeping calm (very difficult for me) Feeling good already ! I have help in the form of Calm.com and the Simply Being App on my phone. (Download on iTunes)


7. Downloaded  a bunch of books from my reading wish list on to my Kindle. Will read 1 book a week in 2017.

As the year goes by and  I add more positive habits and routines to my life I will share them with you. But you guys don’t be like me, make a plan and go out there and achieve it even if it is just one thing you want to achieve this year. Make it happen !

Do write in the comments below about your New Year Resolutions.

Happy New Year and Lets hope for a lovely year ahead.