Our Commute to and fro from work or anywhere else these days is stressful. Living in the city means traffic is chaotic and one frequently ends up stuck in a traffic jam. Why not make your commute time productive ? We can use this time to learn something meaningful and get some inspiration.I find I regularly need motivating and since there isn’t anyone doing it for me, I take all the help I can get from online Blogs,Apps and specifically from Podcasts.

Here are 3 ways to help you through your daily commute :

1.Podcasts – I love podcasts. Listening to some of them have been like a light bulb moment for me. Sometimes I go “OK so that’s what i am not doing right” to “yes i must do this” reaction. I’m constantly listening to podcasts. I can find no better way other than music of course to enjoy my commute. Infact I have specifically upgraded my mobile data plans so I can stream these podcasts seamlessly no matter where i am. Whether you are on the bus, driving or waiting while your child takes a class or at an appointment this is something you can listen to.

While I know podcasts have been around for a while now, it took a friend of mine telling me that I “must” listen to podcasts to get me hooked. With the wide array of topics now available on podcasts  from humor, business advice,Ted talks, How-to’s, Bollywood gossip, Style to culinary podcasts there is so much scope to help you stay informed, educated and inspired. Go ahead start listening if you don’t already and feel your mind literally expand and experience different viewpoints.

Here are my favorite Podcasts :

  1.  TedTalks – Audio
  2. The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions
  3. The Entreprenuer Podcast
  4. Freakonomics Radio
  5. What it Takes
  6. The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders (I try to never miss a monday listen in with Jeff Sanders)
  7. The Simple Sophisticate
  8. The Splendid Table
  9. Bollywood Project
  10. The History of India
  11. Success Insider
  12. Cyrus Says (I m a fan)

2. Online Courses – Learning should be one constant in your life. All great leaders and Performers are constantly learning and upgrading their skills. While most people usually try to learn more about the field they are in,why not learn about things that interest you as well. It could be a hobby you would like to pursue or a subject that you would like to know more about. SkillShare has interesting courses such as Cocktail Making,Learning how to arrange a stunning centerpiece of flowers, learning photography, learning about art appreciation and Business. At Coursera there are courses available on varied subjects from Top Universities like Stanford, Duke and even ISB in India. This is an exciting time to be in, you have access via the internet to learn about any subject under the sun.We must make good use of it.


3.Instagram and Pinterest – These apps are great for inspiration and ideas. Whether your planning a party or deciding what to wear to work the next day these two apps inspire you through the pictures. Simply look for what you want by searching on Pinterest or on Instagram via hashtags. You may be surprised at what comes up. All my party ideas, dinner inspiration,Floral arrangement tips and tricks, Decor ideas come from these 2 resources. And since it is so visual, looking at beautiful pictures  can only help put you in an upbeat mood.

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