Its Monday and I hope your week is looking up. I’ve had a not so great start thanks to toddler tantrums making us late getting to school but here’s hoping the rest of the day and week  is going to go better. Today on the Blog I’m sharing with you today the 5 New healthy habits I’m incorporating in my life this week.

1. Going Gluten Free – I have been researching this for sometime now, and by cutting out gluten for a while and adding it back to my diet I have realised that Gluten doesn’t really agree with me. I feel terribly bloated,sluggish and have all the symptoms of IBS. While I have been careful with my  gluten intake when I do crave a little bread,paratha or a chapatti  I give in and have a little bit. However this week on I plan to completely avoid it and see how it goes.

2. Increasing my Water Intake – I know I ought to drink a lot of water,well at least a minimum of 2-3 Litres but somehow I forget this during busy days. And I find that I do feel sluggish and get a mild headache when I m dehydrated but the moment I drink some water this headache disappears.I now know the signs when I haven’t been imbibing enough of the good stuff. To remedy this, I’m going to use the Daily Water Free – a water reminder app to keep me on track. This app allows you to set the amount of water you want to drink  and track it, you can choose from 10 different sound alerts for your reminders and it also shows you how much water you’ve drunk for a day or week, month to keep you on track.

3.Probiotics – After reading Shonali Sabherwal’s ‘The Beauty Diet’ I have started including probiotics consciously into my everyday diet.Probiotics have been known to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, It also strengthens the intestinal barrier, helps with our immunity and metabolism. Here are some of the Probiotics you can include in your diet everyday – Yoghurt, Miso, homemade sauerkraut, kefir,kombucha tea, Kimchi and Spirulina. Say yay to great skin too.

4.Cutting down on Sugar – for sometime now I don’t have any added sugar in my diet , however I have been lax in watching my sugar intake these last 2 Months. I’ve eaten quite a few chocolates, which I’m normally not fond of, had tons of coffee with sugar and a few deserts. All of which translated into extra weight gain and a bout of acne for me. my skin breaks out when I eat sugar, especially if I’ve had chocolates. Therefore its now time to completely cut back, get my act together and have no more sugar other than that which appears naturally in fruits and vegetables.

5.Sticking to Exercise – So I exercise but I can be indisciplined, sometimes I go regularly and then some days when I m busy it takes a back seat.  So my new fitness mantra is to just be regular and consistent come what may. I have to plan exercise as part of my must do schedule. When one has a child its a given that you are active but you still need to prioritise  your fitness and health. As busy  moms we tend to put our needs on the back burner but making a conscious decision to make time for yourself is critical to both your mental and physical well being.

You have a great week ahead and do write in and share what new healthy habits you have started recently. Bye.