Easy Entertaining

Easy entertaining  is pretty simple to perfect. A lot of people find having guests over stressful. They worry about the house, they stress about the food, they rush around harried on the day of, trying to organize the drinks and starters. I used to be that person but I’ve gotten better. Whether your having 2 people or 10 here are my 5  tips to keep in mind for a stress free dinner or lunch party in your home. It helps if your a little organized and prepared. Once you’re set with a well stocked bar, good crockery and cutlery and in general if your home is kept clutter free on an everyday basis it gets easier to entertain more often.

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1. Food – According to me this is the most important aspect of entertaining. Consider how many guests are coming over, figure out their preferences – Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian. Do they prefer wine or mock tails? What kind of food would they prefer ? Don’t serve sushi to someone who prefers Indian food. Not all guests are open to trying new tastes at a dinner party. Once you’ve sorted this out, If you have time and a couple of days notice go ahead and cook it yourself. Or make a few things yourself and order the rest out. No time to make a desert, get it from a gourmet store.

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2. Drinks – Organise your drinks in advance or keep your bar well stocked, then you just have to get the juices and mixes. I always keep a couple of bottles of red and white wine, a couple of beers in the fridge. On the day of the dinner, I just buy juices and soda if I think they may want a gin and tonic or a vodka. Otherwise usually the wine is good. So get to know your friends drink preferences.

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3. Buy some flowers, nothing perks up the place like flowers do.


4. Put away all the clutter in your home and clean all the surfaces.

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5. Set your table well even if its a buffet style meal, bring on the nice crockery, play some easy music and a light a few candles. Sit back and relax and enjoy your time with friends and family.

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