Some Days your energy is Flagging and your exhausted or just feeling drained at work, what you need  is a quick way to feel more upbeat and creative or just energised. Here are 5 ways to boost your energy at work and your mood.


1.  Quick Read – When you’re cowed down with overflowing emails, take a break from your inbox and spend 10 minutes reading your favourite Blog or magazine. Reading something inspiring or fun is quick way to open up your mind to new ways of thinking.

2. App Inspiration – Take 5 minutes to check out your favourite instagrammers or pin a few inspiring pins or even just browse AirBnB app and check out some stunning homes in your dream destination for a vacation and get inspired.

3. Power Nap – When you are tired or sapped of energy take a quick power nap especially if your office has a space where you can do so. It’s one sure fire way to boost energy, creativity and sharper thinking 

4. Move – Take a walking meeting like Steve Jobs used to, he was well known to conduct meetings walking the hills behind his house, he believed it was more conducive to creative thinking.

5. Listen – Have you noticed how when you’re making an important presentation, Report or working on a project when you put on your favourite music it just seems to feel a bit easier, your mood is a bit better and somehow you seem to be able focus better too. But the key is that it has to be music you enjoy, so make yourself a special playlist and when your energy is flagging listen to that.