Happy Valentines Day

I hope you all have love and joy in your lives as  I do. My wish for everyone of you is to cherish the one you love in your own special way. For those who are waiting to find that special someone, my wish is that you do find your true love.And we all know that being in love or falling in love is one of those heady and special times in our lives. Really what is our life with out love in it.Valentines day doesn’t have to be about romantic love alone, its about the celebration of love in your life, be it a family member, a child or a friend.

Here are 6 ways to celebrate love on valentines day, everyday of your lives :

1.Take a moment – Our everyday lives are busy, chaotic and can get so monotonous that we don’t stop to ask our partners if they are alright. This seems to happen with so many couples especially when they have been together for awhile. I’m guilty of doing this. Because some days I’m so busy with the routine of everyday life and that of my child that I forget to ask my husband how his day was. Therefore its more important than ever to take a moment and think about your partner. Spend some quality time with your loved one everyday. Say a kind word to him or her through the day. Love and relationships need investment and connection everyday,

2. Make time for each other –  Stop and sit down to share a cup of coffee, a meal, a joke or a story.Take a walk together. Share your pictures of interesting happenings of your day. If you have children share  their photographs with your partner when you capture a special moment and the other has missed it.Time doesn’t happen unless you plan or prioritize it.

3. Have at least one activity that you do together – Make some of your less painful domestic chores easier by doing it together. Like gardening, cooking or even playtime with your toddler.It can be watching a TV show that you both like (rare in my household) Also have a movie night at home once a week with popcorn and more. Do the grocery shopping together or the school run. Doing things together helps bring people together.

4. Catch up Alone – How often do you also spend time with each other alone ? If you already do that’s great but if you don’t start now. Some couples have no idea what to say to each other if they aren’t surrounded by their families,kids or friends. First of all plan regular date nights.Get a sitter for your kids if you have to,get dressed up and head out.If the regular drinks and dinner doesn’t work for you,go bowling or catch a movie.Watch a play or a music concert. Getaway during the day for a quick lunch from the office. Sometimes when I’ve taken my child to a class while waiting for her to finish I try and catch up for a quick coffee with my husband at the cafe around the corner. It doesn’t always have to be the same.Be spontaneous.Change it up to keep it fresh.

5. Do something thoughtful everyday – A friend’s partner makes sure there is enough money in her purse everyday. Before she leaves he makes sure to check and put in some cash into her wallet. She never has to rush to the ATM.My husband makes me my morning tea everyday. Another friend always makes her boyfriend’s favorite food for any special occasion. Often its the little things that endear you more to your partner. Do something thoughtful everyday for your loved ones. It can be simple things like putting away his tools. Making sure he eats healthy. Getting his morning coffee.Sending an affectionate message or making sure he takes his vitamins. Just a thoughtful little act,goes a long way.

6.Celebrate all the big and small occasions. This is important. Even in the bleakest times and toughest days celebrate those important  birthdays and anniversaries.Celebrate all the wins and successes. It doesn’t have to be a blow out party every time,see how you can make it unique and memorable. Celebrate,share successes and tough times alike. Make memories,invest in your relationships.Take lots of pictures and laugh a lot together. And yes celebrate Valentines Day!