Running out of ideas for things to do with your kids? How do you engage kids during their school holidays? Of course there is the vacation out-of-town.Then there are the summer camps and classes of all kinds. Art, sports, swimming, dance and other hobby classes. But these classes usually have a duration of a couple of weeks. And you can’t really keep them in these classes through the 2 months. Here are 7 things you can do with your for kids if they are under 10.I think these are things you can also do not just during the summer holidays but really anytime through the year. 

1. Spend a day visiting your local Zoo : Even if you’ve been before, it’s always fun to go to the Zoo again. It doesn’t get boring because each year the kids learn something new about animals. Go by yourselves or with a couple of your kids friends.Carry enough food and snacks for the day trip. Of course this only applies if there is actually a local zoo in your city. Bannerghata Zoo is a great place to go if you’re in Bangalore.


2. Have a picnic in the park : This is something that most kids love.Choose a local park in your city or in your neighbourhood, pack a picnic basket, grab a picnic mat and go.Take a ball,a frisbee or carry some coloring materials. Take a book if the older kids want to read.Make it something to look forward by getting a couple of their friends to come to the picnic too. Pack your picnic bag with snacks like chips, juice, water, sandwiches, cake, fruit and cheese. Choose to go at a time when the park wont be too crowded. Find a shady spot, spread your mat and enjoy your picnic. In Bangalore Cubbon Park is excellent for a Picnic. The children’s Play area or Bal Bhavan also has a toy train ride and a couple of other amusement rides.


3. Take a class together : Cookery, Craft classes, Art,Gardening and more. Pick from any of the classes that run in your city and do it together.Choose something that your child would like or be interested in. Share the joy of learning something that you both like together.


4. Stay a night  at a local resort or hotel in your city : Book a 1 night  at a lovely local resort in your city. There is usually one in most cities. Spend a night there and the kids will love it. It’s like a mini holiday with out the drama of travel. Spend time hanging by the pool and then order in room service.


5. Take a drive to the outskirts of your city : Take a short drive to a scenic spot or area on the outskirts of your city. Maybe to see a farm or a nearby hill.Sometimes you just drive off the main roads into the little village roads and you will see a very different view. Its an informative thing to do too.In Bangalore I like Nandi Hills for a long drive and day trip. But beware of the crowds though.Get there and back in the first half of your day rather than later. Martin’s farm, Nrityagram,My native village are all great options.


6. Spend a day outdoors – Climb a rock, have a go at boating,undertake a hike or a bike ride,cycle,go horse riding or even go parasailing if you have a facility in your city. Spend a day doing some kind of a sport or adventure sport outdoors with your child.Memories are made of these. I like the Embassy Riding School, it even has a cafe.



7. Vist the local Amusement Park : If you havent been yet, then this is one thing you must do immediately! You will be surprised at how much your kid can enjoy it even if u have grave doubts. I’m guilty of thinking my child wont like the local amusement park cause of the crowd and tacky games, but my child was gaga over it all ! In Bangalore you have Fun world and Wonder-La.


Image Credits : Cover Pic via One kings lane, Pic 1 via Kara’s party ideas, Pic 2 via Travel Blog, Pic 3 via Retro petite