Say Hello to a Brand New Week, I’ve always hated Mondays, always. That is until I quit my corporate job I always thought it would end, this hating the approaching Monday and it did, for a while. Until my lil baby girl began play school and then it hit me again, the morning school rush, all the getting her ready for school, the tantrums, organizing breakfast and getting us out of the door has that whole manic Monday feel to it, although its still better than it used be. So I’ve decided to have a change of attitude to Mondays, I m choosing to greet it effusively and with tons of positivity. I want to look forward to the opportunity to look at my Mondays with promise and optimism of what a brand new week brings along. From starting new projects to learning new things, from new experiences to relishing the routine pleasures of daily life. So Yay to Mondays. Here’s hoping you are all rocking the new week too.