Welcome to chicandeffortless.com This is my first ever foray into blogging on the internet or even my first attempt to write anything at all. I ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time now, to cut a long bout of procrastination short it seems I’m now driven to finally get on with it……..maybe coz its a new month and where I come from  March brings the start of summer which means terrible weather,  hot sunny and sweltering days and humid nights, but to my pleasant surprise Bangalore has started March off with rain and a cool breeze. My kinda weather I love winters, spring and the rains and like all Bangaloreans dislike summer.

Coming back to this blog, This is a New Beginning for me so here is a place where I want to blog about my loves, stuff that inspires me, my style and my passions. I will be blogging about style, fashion, food,travel, beauty,fitness, lifestyle,homes and gardens. I hope to have you join me on this journey and also hope that you like the stuff I  will be blogging about. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.