Apps to ease to your day on a Monday and every day of the week


Apps are a part of the new age we live in today, we have access to luxury, services, experiences at our fingertips, through apps downloaded straight on to our smart phones or iPad and tablets, the world is truly your oyster. How blessed are we that our lives as crazy as technology has made it out to be is also so much easier than what the previous generations ever had.

As I sit here planning my week ahead on this cloudy Monday morning, I want to share with you these 5 apps that make life easier for you.



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Urban Clap – Take the stress out of planning, thinking or looking for references to get stuff done. Get urban clapped. To get almost anything done around your life like getting your home deep cleaned or pest control, planning a party, organising a chef to make dinner for your dinner guests (they bring all the groceries to prepare dinner too) filing your taxes, yoga classes, taking up a passion  like learning the guitar,home repairs, get your baby’s photographs taken professionally  and more. The list is quite extensive. A friend tried a yoga class at home and said it went well, another friend  has had a chef cook for dinner party guests. Do a little homework, see a couple of quotes and get your self sorted. Its real easy with urban clap. See more here



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Chefkraft, Cookboxes and Innerchef – You love cooking but no time or energy to do the whole prep and planning, running around to organise the ingredients for your recipe then go online, choose what you want to cook and get the ingredients for your meal, pre measured and delivered to your house with the recipe. Voila fresh home cooked meal made by you on the table. You can choose from Ratatouille,Chettinad Chicken, Thai Curries, Laksa and more. See more from chefkraft here


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Swiggy – No time to cook yet want food from your favourite restaurant delivered to you, then Swiggy is your friend. Join Swiggy, select the restaurant you want to order from and get your favourites from the menu delivered. Works for me every time I’m craving Bheema’s Andhra Biryani because it totally saves me the tedious waiting for a table and parking dramas. But the only hitch is you really can’t order from your favourite restaurant across town only those which are about 3-4 kms around you.See more here


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Fresh Menu – Here you get freshly made gourmet food in the right portions delivered to you. You can choose from healthy food options. With each dish on the menu which changes every day the calories are listed so you know what your intake is going to be. Totally recommend this for both taste and for those who watch what they eat and all those on a constant diet. ee more here


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Dunzo – If you’ve always wanted a Man Friday running errands for you, this is the app for you. They run almost all your errands for you, pay bills, get things fixed, send parcels for you, do your grocery shopping for you i.e. if you’re not already ordering your groceries online (Big basket is my fave) A lot like urban clap, but say something needs to be dry cleaned, they collect it from your place and go get it dry cleaned for you and bring it back when it’s done.




Ferns and Petals – This is a favourite and a super saviour, because it makes birthdays so easy especially when you forget and only remember it’s a dear friend’s birthday thanks to Facebook. Get flowers, chocolates, cakes, cuddly bears and more delivered both here in India and internationally. Be it Birthdays, anniversaries, get wells and everything else covered by ordering on this app. They are prompt and super reliable at least I haven’t had a bad experience yet.  I’ve managed to hang on to my friends and some of my loved ones only thanks to the quick and same day delivery service they have.  FnP app available only on android currently. See more here