Bring It On, Monday


To make your Mondays go by effortlessly some effort is actually required which is to first plan it out. Here are 4 ways to make your Monday smooth whether at the office or at home

Plan Ahead:  Planning is Integral to all successful people. Take 10 Minutes on Friday evening before you step out of office or on Sunday night about the week ahead. Think through to  the important things that need to get done, events that are upcoming, Meetings, Important work updates, Reviews, Planning meetings, Social events post work and what your general workload is looking like. Mentally put those important things to do on your week’s schedule. So come Monday you know what’s in the line-up and you’ve got yourself prepped for the Day.

Get In Early: If there is one day in a week when you should get in earlier then I would say opt to do that on a Monday. Having the almost empty office to yourself on a Monday morning lets you settle in to the day at your own pace instead of arriving frazzled and already on a call with your boss or a client.

Go for it: Tackle the toughest/most difficult tasks or items on your To-do list first. Most people are known to have high energy levels early in the day than later, use that to get those toughies out of the way.

Multi-Task but the right way – doing two difficult tasks which needs equal concentration is not the way to multi task. Return calls while sorting your desk or while walking to get coffee, don’t do it while preparing a report.