Weekending in Delhi 


If you’re in the capital this weekend, here’s a great way to spend your Sunday with your girlfriends or even just all by yourself! Pamper yourself while you stay indoors and enjoy the air-conditioning, with a fancy brunch and shopping, followed by a spa and if the weather permits, a nice stroll in Lodhi Gardens. Stay out of the sun and enjoy the perfect itinerary that we’ve put together below for you. All you need to do is put on a summery outfit, grab your summer essentials (a sunscreen, a bottle of water and a refreshing body mist) and be prepared to have an incredible Sunday. Remember to keep those shades on and stay hydrated!


1) Brunch at Coast Cafe (Hauz Khas Village)

Sundays are perfect for catching up on sleep after a long and exhausting week at work so why not start your day off with a sumptuous brunch! Head to the Hauz Khas Village in South Delhi, and find located above OGAAN on the 2nd and 3rd floor, a charming little cafe and restaurant with gigantic glass windows that overlook the greenery at Deer Park. With white walls, wooden cane chairs and minimalist art on the walls, this cafe looks like it’s right out of Pinterest and is too pretty to not Instagram! Although the name says ‘cafe’, they also have a restaurant and bar that serves a wide variety of food that is excellent for brunch. If you’ve got space for dessert after a fulfilling meal, do not hesitate to try out their ‘Banoffee Pie’.  We’d recommend booking a table to make sure you’re not disappointed once you get there and see how inviting this place looks!



2) Shopping at Hauz Khas Village

You can’t go to Hauz Khas and not indulge in a little nick-knack shopping! Get lost in the colourful little lanes of Hauz Khas as you browse through pretty little shops and boutiques after brunch. The narrow lanes with dainty looking stores all around you are nothing short of the streets in Italy! Ranging from jewelry to bags and a ton of boutiques, there is something for everyone. However, aromatherapy is an attractive option for all! Make your way to ‘Blossom Kochhar’ located two buildings away from the Coast Cafe. Being one of the only two outlets in Delhi, they offer an array of natural beauty products that are reasonably priced and absolutely worth the penny. Test their products and purchase some marvelous goodies that will leave you feeling and smelling beautiful. Don’t forget to check out their bottle of fabulous bath salts in delightful fragrances!


3) Spa 55 at Khan Market

Extend your shopping spree at Khan Market, situated about 25 minutes from Hauz Khas Village. Take a stroll through the vibrant lanes and pick up some trendy outfits or just dip into the vibe of the market. However, your weekend would be a little incomplete without taking it a step further and spoiling yourself with a stress-busting Thai spa! Lucky for you Spa 55 is located in the heart of Khan Market and is known for their relaxing massages. An oil massage is the perfect way of unwinding and removing all that tension and stress that you’ve been carrying along the week. Sit back and immerse yourself in either a quick ten-minute head massage to calm your senses or a foot massage to loosen up those tired feet. If you’re feeling a little more spirited, go all out and indulge in a 45-minute long full body massage to get that circulation going. Allow your skin to breathe and step out looking younger and rejuvenated!


4) Books and Coffee at Cafe Turtle

There is no better way to end a relaxing leisurely Sunday with a book and coffee. An adorable little green cafe and bookstore located on the first floor, Cafe Turtle is just the place for you whether you are a bookworm or not! The green colour definitely has a pleasing effect on the eyes and makes the cafe an easy going place to be in. If you aren’t already carrying a book that you’re currently reading, go ahead and pick up a light or intense read depending on how you’re feeling. Or perhaps flip through a coffee table book which can be equally satisfying! Team it up with a nice cup of coffee or a ‘Cafe Turtle Cooler’ to beat the summer heat and if you’ve got room for a little more, treat yourself to a guilt-free pleasure and enjoy the ‘Banana Walnut Cake’!


5) Stroll in Lodhi Gardens

If you’re from Delhi or even if you aren’t, Lodhi Gardens is a hot spot for nature lovers. Known for heritage walks and photo walks, this a popular place and one of Delhi’s highlights. Explore the tomb of Sikander Lodi and the gardens around it. Filled with lush greenery, the garden surrounds a water body along which there is a walking track that makes it ideal for an evening stroll. If you’re a fitness freak, you’d pack your sneakers and go for an evening jog. Take a lazy stroll or just sit around on the grass as you soak in the feel of the place. It’s a great way to end your relaxing Sunday before you get back to your busy week. Evenings are usually bustling with people enjoying their evening walks and if you’re lucky enough you might even spot a celebrity or two!



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