The Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising  Routine

Any good skincare routine begins with Cleansing, Toning and Moisturiser. Pick up any beauty advice book or read the interviews of and books written by  dermatologists, beauticians, beauty gurus all have said and will advise anyone to take care of their skin by following a basic CTM as its known as or the Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising routine. I personally believe it is the bare minimum you can do for your skin. Even for someone who doesn’t care about makeup or even if you don’t have a lot of time in the mornings for a beauty regime, it is important to take 5 minutes to engage in this routine. Now having emphasised that here goes our recommended CTM routine.

Cleansing – It is important to do this properly twice a day, once in the morning and once at night with a good cleanser. Depending on your skin type choose your cleanser, I personally love foaming cleansers and if I have worn heavy makeup then I like to use an oil based cleanser. My favourite cleanser is SKII facial treatment cleansing oil, especially if I have worn heavy makeup. Massage this oil into your skin, wipe off and wash. Really easy and such an amazing cleanser. It gets all the heavy makeup off your skin so easily without leaving it dry or itchy. Vichy’s Purete Thermale 3 in 1 is another cleanser that I use, it cleanses and tones skin and also works as an eye makeup remover, it’s easy on your skin and does  not leave it a residue or dry. Za Foaming Cleanser although a newer entrant into the market also works well. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and super clean. I think it’s a good choice for oily and combination skin while Vichy works well for dry skin.

Samreen, my friend and co image consultant/stylist who I consider a bit of a beauty product expert and makeup fiend is a big fan of Avène skin care products and has found that they have worked beautifully for her. Samreen recommends the Avène Cleanance Gel,it  is an excellent cleanser, it deep cleans the skin without stripping the skin of its moisture. It has a PH 7.2 which respects the skin’s natural balance without triggering the sebum production.

avene cleanser

vichy cleanser

za cleanser

skII cleanser

ToningAvène Thermal Spring water is one of the best according to Samreen and I would have to agree with her. It  soothes the fine lines and is very refreshing especially in our summers. You can also carry it in your purse and spray it on even when you’re out or in the office to refresh your skin and makeup during the day. I also like to use the organic rose water by Kama to tone my skin.

thermal water

kama rose water

Moisturizing – There are tonnes of products in the market and you need to try and find one that works for your skin. Samreen says “I have tried A to Derm which was good but it left my skin a little greasy, then I found Avène Apaisant Hydratant, a soothing hydrating serum. It makes the skin baby soft without the greasy effect. It never broke me out” It’s especially effective for sensitive skin. I also like Clarins hydra quench and multi active day moisturisers. Im currently using Estee Lauder Day wear and have been using this for a while now. Also if I ve been in the sun for a while or have been in the salon for threading etc once I get home and cleanse my skin I use Ananda Spa’s Aloe Gel,its extremely soothing for the skin and it immediately calms all the redness and reaction I may have had to the sun or the threading or even to pollution.

avene moisturiser

clarins multiactive day

clarins hydraquench


ananda aloe gel

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