Growing up I always felt I was the most impulsive creature around, I could flit from one thing to the other, get easily distracted and did tons of things on an impulse. I was definitely all over the place. But strangely when I look back now apparently I’m a creature of Habit, I like everything planned and organized. I like routine and Rituals. It isn’t that I don’t have an impulsive streak in me still but it seems like I like it only in short bursts and then I’m craving my daily rituals. I read this on another Blog about daily Rituals being essential for emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. I agree, as I believe that Rituals ground us and reconnect us to this earth is our daily fast paced life. Over a period of time there are my daily rituals I follow quite unconsciously, like having my cup of tea while I read the papers with my family around or sitting down every evening to savor my brew on my balcony. Having a glass of green juice every morning. Reading a book every night before I sleep. I usually like early nights but I also like to do Friday lunches out with friends if you can call that a ritual.  Spending time with my daughter before her bedtime talking about her day and reading bedtime stories, speaking to my parents every day and ringing my siblings every weekend,listening to country music for a little while everyday on the radio. I think it’s important especially when you’re as busy as life gets these days to create routines that will help you catch a breath and ground you. To me Rituals add meaning to my day.

Here are 5 routines you can create

  1. Welcome the Day – Start your morning right by waking up without an alarm hopefully, drink a glass of water, say a prayer of gratitude and think only positive thoughts about your, so easy to say but tough to do. Give your kids a hug, make your morning coffee or tea calmly and ease into your day slowly. This is of course easier to do when you wake up early.
  2. Have dinner together as a family. So important if can sit down for a meal together around a table and not in front of the television for some  real bonding without distractions.
  3. Take half hour at the end of the day to unwind and catch up on your reading or if that isn’t your thing, do something that you enjoy and which relaxes you.
  4. Exercising every day preferably at a specific time.  No explanation required for this one.
  5. Making time to chat with your kids every evening before bed, or for those who don’t have kids,chat  with your loved ones, even if its over the phone  to your parents, siblings and dear friends.

Next on my reading list is the Daily Rituals: How artists work – I s a super interesting read on the working routines and habits of over 161 creative minds including Franz Kafka. Here is an excerpt “Franz Kafka, frustrated with his living quarters and day job, wrote in a letter to Felice Bauer in 1912, “time is short, my strength is limited, the office is a horror, the apartment is noisy, and if a pleasant, straightforward life is not possible then one must try to wriggle through by subtle manoeuvres.”

daily rituals

Like Kafka, they worked in the face of countless obstacles (some of them self-inflicted) and developed a fascinating range of “subtle maneuvers” to get their work done each day, from waking early to staying up late, drinking vast quantities of coffee to taking long daily walks and precisely timed naps. Thomas Wolfe wrote standing in the kitchen, using the top of the refrigerator as his desk, dreamily fondling his “male configurations.” Jean-Paul Sartre chewed on Corydrane tablets (a mix of amphetamine and aspirin), ingesting ten times the recommended dose each day. Descartes liked to linger in bed, his mind wandering in sleep “through woods, gardens and enchanted palaces” where he experienced “every pleasure imaginable.”

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Do write in and share your Daily Rituals with us.