Before I tell you about my favourite face wash, let me tell you about my tryst with Korean beauty products. A year ago I became quite a hard-core convert to the Korean Beauty Routine and products. A couple of years ago was when I first heard about korean beauty craze. The 10 step korean beauty routine, how its the best,how fantastic their skin is so on and so forth. I wasnt so sure it was the next best thing since sliced bread. But what I discovered was that indeed its pretty good stuff.

However I ve truly been a laggard in embracing of the korean beauty routines and products. But last year while visiting New York, I happened to walk down the 32nd street. I was  surprised to see so many pharmacies and beauty brands on display. I hadn’t realised until then how big the market really was for Korean Beauty Brands. Since I hadn’t a clue about what to buy,once I got back home I did a ton of research. I started sampling some of the products from the more popular korean beauty brands like The Face Shop, Dr Jart+Etude, Missha, Skinfood,Laniege

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In the course of all my experiments, which included trying the 10 step routine which i then promptly downsized a few days later thanks to my lack of dedication. There are a few products that I swear by for glowing skin.One of those is the Rice Water face wash. I simply love this face wash. This face wash restores a glow to my skin even if  I’m exhausted and leaves my skin feeling fresh. In a later post I will detail what the 10 step routine entails, but there are number of posts on the internet if you are keen. My suggestion is to definitely try the korean beauty products, maybe not all at once but at least 1 or 2 products at a time.