Wishing you all a Happy Easter, Stay Blessed and enjoy your long weekend with your family and friends. For those who aren’t celebrating Easter, I hope you are enjoying your long weekend with some quality time with your family, or having some downtime to prepare for summer or the new financial year ahead, catching up on a good book, having a weekend getaway or just having a picnic with the kids on the park. I and my toddler are making a  Chocolate Olive Cake from a recipe I found on here recommended to me a friend. Was so easy to put together and is baking in the oven as I write this post, hopefully it will turn out as yummy as the batter looked. Later today we’ll head over to get some Easter Eggs for the little one, spend some time at the park. Over the weekend I plan to catch a movie Zootopia with my toddler, get some shopping done for trip to New York next Month and catch up on some reading. You all have  a relaxed weekend and say a prayer of gratitude for everything good in your life. Happy Easter.

Easter 2016