Hi Everyone

Welcome to Lovely August, another brand new month.The Monsoons have been working its magic and its fury in Bangalore and in other cities this past week. I love the monsoons even though it makes life harder especially the daily commute. But that fresh smell in the air, the cool breeze and the sound of the falling rain is music to my ears. Maybe its coz I m June born that I find the rains soothing to my spirit. Infact June marks the beginning of my favourite months from June to February. Its summer I find hard. So I have been spending the last 2 weeks taking care of my toddler who caught a viral, catching up on my reading and working on the launch of my Image Consulting Company. Needless to say  I’m super excited about the company. I’m also working on adding more content to my Blog through the new Women of style and substance Series where we get to peek into the lives, closets and listen to the style mantras of real life women who are in my eyes stylish, graceful and inspiring in the way they live their lives. Later this month I’m also hoping that I can spend the Independence Day weekend to take quick break somewhere not too far from Bangalore. But because I didn’t plan this trip 3months ago its really difficult to get a reservation this close the 15th. fingers crossed. Last Month I restarted my fitness journey. I started cross fit classes and man its tough but its really working for me like nothing else has. I plan to spend the next few months getting my head into the game and work hard at getting back in shape. Let me know all your august plans. Have a good Month you all.