I’m back from my travels and I’ve missed being away from the blog. Its been a while,maybe too long a while to take a break from the Blog, but I have enjoyed my me time immensely. Since becoming a mom 2 years ago this is the first time I took time off for myself to travel alone to the US of A, meet old classmates  at a school reunion after 23 years, see a new place (Las Vegas) Revisit an old love (New York) shop, browse and immerse myself in a different city, miss my baby immensely, felt terribly guilty at times and carefree otherwise. I loved catching up with friends, hanging out at the parks whilst taking a break from my shopping and checking out new places to eat. Having done all that I’m happy to come back home to my family, my home and my blog too. While I get busy working on my posts on New York and getting back into the groove of things I hope you are all doing well too and the moms of school going kids are getting ready to get back to school come June.