While browsing the House and Garden Website I came across this charming, eclectic house of one the most successful and popular restaurant owners Keith McNally of Balthazar, one of New York’s most popular restaurants. Keith McNally moved back to Britain from New York and set up home in Nottinghill. Loved his stylish yet relaxed décor. These pictures are from 2013 but style is style no matter which year isn’t it.Would love to curl up on that couch in front of the fireplace and I love the lights and mix of pictures all over the house. Everything looks so comfortable and easy.  Check the House Tour Pictures below.You can see the full article on House and Garden here

All Images by Simon Upton for House and Garden.

house tour 1 house tour 2 house tour 3jpg house tour 4 house tour 5 house tour 6 house tour 7 house tour 8