10 Ways To Style A Simple White Shirt



The Ubiquitous White Shirt is, has been and will always be a timeless classic wardrobe item. Everyone has at some point worn them. Its been in a classroom as well as on the red carpet. For work or for casual wear its a staple that you cant go wrong with. Except of course depending on your shape and where your wearing it to, you have to decide whether to tuck your shirt in or to wear it loose. I always have a fresh white shirt, ironed and ready in the closet, to wear in case of emergencies or when I have those ” I have nothing to wear days” Its always my backup.

I had a colleague at work who literally had a work uniform of white shirts paired with different skirts and pants that she wore almost everyday. It makes getting ready to work easier and you cant go wrong with this classic.Here are my favourite ways to style a White shirt for Day or Night, For work or Play :

1.Paired with a dressy skirt for an evening out




2. Paired with Jeans and red heels for a dressy day event


3. A White shirt is Ageless, Everyone can wear it.



4. White on White



5. With leather pants



6. Paired the classic way tucked into jeans, with a belt.

Black And White Chic Style


7. With Colored Pants



8. With a Long Skirt  For Big Night Out



9. Paired with Shorts.



10. With a Denim Jacket



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