Its Wellness Wednesday and time to talk about Skin Care.Whenever I want a pick me up or my skin looks and feels dull and tired there are 2 things I like to do – Get a massage or pamper my skin with a Facial or do an at home face mask. Something about going to a quiet spa and lying in a bed while your face is cleansed and massaged and exfoliated soothes and calms me. More on face masks in a later post but for a truly hydrating facial I have after trying a lot of facials at various spas and salons found not too far from me, the Hydra Facial at Kosmoderma Clinic. Kosmoderma which is run by the fabulous Dr Chytra has this gorgeous skin drenching and hydrating facial called the hydra facial. Every time I get this facial Im left with glowing, hydrated and smoother skin. Im truly a happy camper.  There is another Facial I swear by for insta glow, the Oxy facial which is super before a big event but coming back to the Hydra Facial, I love it as part of my monthly routine or whenever  I can make the time. Read up for more info on this facial…..

Hydra Medi facial is a facial that incorporates beauty and medicine to deliver long lasting results. It’s suitable for all skin types, but best for sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin. People from ages 25- 85 years old can get this facial. It’s great for skin that has dullness in it with dryness or dehydration. Hydra facial restores skin health and revitalises the tissue giving it an instant pick me up. It has no downtime and is ideal for people wanting to have a fresh look or healthy sheen or glow to their skin. It’s a great way to exfoliate the skin without damaging the skin and for hydrating the skin. A burst of water at high pressure is used to remove the surface dead skin, dirt and grime and at the same time the infusion plumps up the external skin by hydrating it.The process starts with a gentle PH balanced soap free cleansing routine to remove all the dirt and grime. After this a hydra jet peel is performed for deeper skin cleansing of the pores and this helps get rid of clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads. Next a superficial skin exfoliation is performed using a hydrating exfoliant to breakdown the dead skin and this is washed off. A Serum containing Hyaluronic acid which is a magnet for water or humectant in medical terms is then infused into the skin with few other anti-oxidants specially formulated by Kosmoderma. Post this a hydrating mask with protein is applied. The results are immediate with the skin feeling healthy and supple and soft to touch. It is recommended that you do this once a month and over time the skin automatically corrects its water oil balance making it firmer, healthier with a glow to it….that is all natural.

Go on make an appointment to pamper your skin today. Let me know what you guys do when you need to perk up your skin.

For more information on the hydra facial you can check the links below: http://www.kosmoderma.com/treatment/medispa/maintenance-medifacials/



Those of you in Bangalore can get in touch with Kosmoderma  at 080-42110070