Wellness Wednesday and a 1 Day Juice Cleanse 

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It’s Wellness Wednesday folks and today I’m talking about Juices, Detoxing, Juice Cleanses and well….wellness. A year ago if someone had told me that I would be doing a Juice cleanse I would have laughed for I didn’t believe in Juicing and didn’t think I could survive on juices a whole day leave alone for 3 days. But when I heard about Fresh Pressery available here in our very own Bengaluru, I knew I had to try it and I did last year because I wanted to see for myself the benefits of a Juice Cleanse. So I got in touch and placed an order for my 3 day Juice delivery. The fact that they make it easy for you by delivering at your doorstep, made the decision easier. You can choose to do it just for a day as Im doing today or for 2, 3,5 days. Read On for more on Fresh Pressery …

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Four years ago when Natasha Hinshaw was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, she knew she didn’t want to rely on pills to solve her problem. This was when she met yoga instructor and dietician Dr Swarna who put her on a combination of healthy juices and yoga that normalised Natasha’s thyroid levels. “I had to drink a glass of lauki (bottle gourd), kachcha haldi (raw turmeric), ginger, cracked black pepper and lemon juice every morning for two years. If I feel sluggish then I go back to it,” says Natasha, who went on to develop more healthy vegetable juice recipes with Dr Swarna.

Her penchant for healthy living turned into a business idea when she convinced good friend Rishaad Vazirally about the benefits of drinking these health juices. Always having struggled with weight issues, he was sold on the idea after trying out Hinshaw’s cleansing juices which not only helped him lose weight but also provided a surprising amount of energy. That’s when the idea of Fresh Pressery was born. With the help of their parent company, Global Calcium, which is the leading manufacturer in Nutraceuticals, they were able to set up production. Fresh Pressery offers a line of six cold-pressed juices (all are made of different combinations of vegetables with small doses of fruits). If one opts for the cleansing package, all six juices, which come in 400 ml bottles, will be delivered to the client who can consume the juices in place of meals for a one, two or even a five-day period. “Each juice contains about 1 kg of vegetables which provides you with enough vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins and sugars to take care of your nutritional requirements. The juices are numbered and have to be drunk every two or two-and-a-half hours. Think of it as six small meals instead of three big ones.  90 per cent of the vegetables and fruits used (largely sourced from First Agro) are organic or zero pesticide. We use RO treated water to clean our fruits and vegetables. It is possible to make cold-pressed juices in small batches at home, but Vazirally clarifies that you can’t do this using your garden-variety kitchen blender. The USP of Fresh Pressery is the cold-pressed technology which isn’t readily available in Bangalore yet. “The catch is the high cost of the cold pressed machines, and of course, difficult access of organic and zero pesticide vegetables”, he explains. It is a very expensive technology which uses low speed and zero heat to press the vegetables and fruits to extract the juices. Because there’s no heat involved, all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are intact. And it stays intact for 72 hours. However, given that there are no preservatives, it is perishable. Our juice cleanses not only revitalize the body and mind, but they also repair previous damage with natural, nutritious ingredients. Rich in minerals and active enzymes, each colourful 100% mainly organic and zero pesticide juice cleanse is rich in nutrients needed to satisfy cleansing goals with an energizing and delicious program of juices. Also, our juices are truly delicious, prizing flavour as much as efficacy. Regardless of a person’s natural proclivity towards detoxification, the point of a juice cleanse is to give the body a break from inflammatory foods like white flour, sugar and alcohol, while allowing the mind to focus on other important elements of life.”

With the excellent response that Fresh Pressery has got it has now led to the first of its kind health cafe in collaboration with Good Earth called the Fresh Pressery Cafe. They also retail at Foodhall and will soon be starting at Nature’s Basket outlets, throughout the city, not to mention selling through junglee.com. By next year they plan to have a nationwide presence.

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You can try their juices at the Good Earth Café at Walton Street in Bangalore, and I’ve personally experienced quick and super-efficient service when I tried the 3 day juice cleanse last year as well as today. They deliver to your place first the thing in the morning .They also ensure all your questions regarding the Juices are answered prior to starting your cleanse. They are priced at Rs 1500 for a 1 Day Juice Cleanse. You can contact them via http://www.freshpressery.com/

Go ahead try it even if it’s for a day and you may just love it. I plan to do it once a week or once every 2 weeks. It makes me happy to do this and give my system a nourishing boost. Happy Cleansing People.