Looking for a Weekend Wildlife fix, Well head to Kabini, just 4 hours by road from Bangalore its a good mix of a Road Trip plus Wildlife Watching. It is relaxing as well as having a number of activities to please the active traveler. So if you are a  Wildlife or Nature Photography Enthusiast, a Nature Lover, Stressed out City Dweller  or your just looking for a quick break head to Kabini. This protected forest area is lush with a variety of trees and a rich and diverse wildlife of over 300 species of birds, the Indian bison, spotted deer, Langurs, the elusive Leopards, wild dogs (dhole) and the most sought after Jungle cat the Tigers. This area boasts the highest concentration of the Royal Bengal Tiger as well as the Asiatic elephant. The Kabini river flows serenely through this  surrounded by the Nagarhole forest.

  • A Leopard at Kabini

    A Leopard at Kabini

  • View Of the River Kabini

    View of the River Kabini

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    A Sitout at Serai

  •  Wildlife Safari

    Wildlife Safari

  • ”Evening


  • Things to Do :  Go on a wildlife Safari and if your really lucky you can spot one of those elusive cats. Or meander down the River on a kayak, go cycling or take a bullock cart ride, get a Signature Coffee Cure Treatment & Massage at Oma Spa at The Serai and ease those aching muscles, have a drink  and listen to tiger tales around the a bonfire or have a romantic dinner for two by the River and listen to the sounds of the Night. Spend the day reading in the Library or  have a lazy swim in the pool. There is a lot one can pack into a weekend here at Kabini. [/left]
    Stay & Eat :  At The Serai in Kabini, set on 70 acres of land its one of the finer properties along the Kabini River. Its child friendly to boot  with a kiddie pool and an activity centre, a well stocked wildlife library , a gift shop  called Turquoise and Best of all has the lovely Oma Spa. A bar and restaurant ensures your gastronomic requirements are catered to as well.