Today I want to talk about about Loungewear. Loungewear is described as casual,comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home.First let me talk about myself. Since my teenage years I wore pyjamas to bed, and then when I came home from school I would change into these pyjamas, this happened in college, then work or just got back home from being out all day I would change into these pyjamas and stayed in them till bedtime. Coz there wasn’t that much time from when I got home and the time to go to bed weren’t. I did take a break from the pyjamas and shorts for awhile there when I got married and then it was back. But when I had a baby is when I realised I seemed to be wearing pyjamas all the time at home, I would change after a shower every morning and I still seemed to look like I hadn’t dressed for the day at all! It made me look and feel frumpy. Now the problem my casual day clothes while at home and my pyjamas to sleep in both looked similar. What had happened over the years was I kept all my tees that  got dull and faded or worn out and didn’t throw it away but kept it to wear when at home, so when I got home I promptly changed into these and my nightwear being pyjamas also kinda looked faded and worn out. One day(don’t ask when) I had a wake up call. I realised that Im not one of those people who can stay around the house in the clothes that I wore to work or out. When I  come home I need to relax and that happened only when I change out my days clothes and wore something soft and  comfy in which I could put my feet up. I just cannot stay in the same clothes that I wore out. So I had to make a change and I did. But then when I look around me I see a lot of people doing this too. They come home and end up changing into their night clothes and stay in them till its time to go to bed. And then I see people wear the same nightwear pyjamas or nightgowns or shorts the next morning, running errands or doing the school drop. I kid you not I have seen this happen and outside some of the most elite schools too! Nope I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that for sure.

Here is what you can do

  1. Throw out all these faded, worn out, shapeless tees, pants, shorts and any other similar stuff.
  2. Decide what are these activities that you do when your home like Cooking, Bathing /Feeding / Playing with the kids, Gardening, House hold chores, Feeding the kids, Working on your Computer, Watching Television, Reading, Exercising you get the idea right.
  3. Decide what you want to be wearing when you are doing these activities, no you cant wear pyjamas, but yes you can choose easy tees, casual khakis or stretch cotton pants, capris and cotton shorts. If you live somewhere cold, then make it velour or fleece. Add a 3rd layer like a shrug or cardigan. Choose comfortable shoes or flip flops. And no please don’t wear this outside your home.
  4. Go out shopping specifically for good quality Loungewear and buy a few pieces not just one or 2. Have at least 4-5 options to wear.
  5. Do change into your nightwear when your ready for bed, for heaven sake don’t wear this to sleep in or you will be back where you started.
  6. When this fades or wears out, throw them out or give it away and replace them anew. You should do this exercise with your wardrobe at least every 3 months.

Options for Tees

Lounge Wear

Options for Pants, Shrugs and Slip Ons.

Lounge Wear 1


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