We are in July already, and half the year has gone by. At the start of every year like a lot of people around the world who make resolutions, I like to make my goals for the Year, its gives me a chance to take some time out and think about My life, where I am and where I want to be in the coming year. It’s also time for me to assess the areas in my life I want to sustain, change or improve. Once I do this thinking and I put it down on paper, well it helps that it’s on pretty paper or in a brand New Diary.This gives me a road map for the year ahead. But my goals are not just about achieving a particular target or getting something done, it’s about all the areas of my life, so I make a plan for things I want To Create or Make, To Learn, To Continue, To start, To Achieve,  To Go. An example of a goal under each section reads like this :

To Learn – 12 News things this year, it can be something basic like learning how to bake the perfect chocolate cake or a big goal like learning a language or getting a degree. One of the classes I took this year was a basic makeup workshop at MAC ,where I learnt how to do my everyday makeup and refine my application technique.

To Create – A goal this year was this BLOG, To start – Going to Yoga classes regularly.

To Achieve – Weight Loss and go back to my pre pregnancy weight.

To Go – This is my travel wish list so I’ll put down places I do want to go this year and the trips I want to take with family, friends and solo.

Since we are in July I will now be revisiting my goals and reassess them and see what I need to prioritize, what isn’t important anymore or needs to be moved to a later point and add new goals if I wish, make new Mid Year Resolutions if required. Why Don’t you do this too ? Make it fun , make it Doable and make it about you and your loved ones, stuff that is important to you. And those of you who didn’t make any resolutions this year or don’t believe in resolutions, today is a good day to start. Go ahead and try it and be creative especially while making resolutions to have a good time.