Good Morning

Welcome to the New week and to Hectic Mondays. I’ve been away from the Blog for a couple of weeks now dealing with personal and family emergencies. While the family emergency was unexpected, the personal crisis was one of my own making.I have been and will always be that person for whom what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong especially when it comes to my values around family and the relationships that we have in the family.So was in a bit of a funk there but after days of mulling over what I did right or what the other person did wrong, lots of Yoga and boxing I’ve bounced back and also found a way to deal with complicated relationships in the family by simply trying to practice ignoring and avoiding situations and people which are toxic or triggers in any way to a conflict of opinions.But the most important change has been in changing my own self to have no expectations from anyone. Like the quote below which I aim to practise everyday.

dalai lama quote












But having said that it is also important for me to be true to myself. In this superficial, materialistic world where people grow more and more self centred the most important thing is to be true to yourself, who you are, how you love and your value system is more important than being worried about upsetting someone, or rocking the boat. Nothing is achieved by staying quiet even when you know and see something wrong happening to yourself or to the people you love. I know its a bit heavy for a Monday morning, But today is a good day to start practicing  being true to yourself than putting an act.

Have a super Monday!