The 4 Brushes that You Must – Have In Your Makeup Bag – By the Smiling Bride


Not using the right Makeup Brushes  to put on your makeup is like having a painter paint without a paint brush. In our last Beauty Post we have covered the basic steps in a makeup tutorial however we realise we need to also equip you with right makeup brushes. This is important if you want to get your makeup right. Putting on makeup and blending with your hands will not do the job well. Here Nalini from The Smiling Bride   list for us the 4 Most Important Makeup Brushes you must have in your Makeup Bag.


 1.The Stippling / Buffing Brush –  Ditch your sponges and flat foundation brushes for this brand new magic wand in your kit. This brush has two layers of bristles. The top one being the one which needs to touch your skin. How to use this – You can apply liquid, cream or your mousse foundation with this brush. Apply foundation all over your face with this brush in circular motion. Starting  from your nose, move to blending it into the cheeks , jawline chin and forehead . Make sure that you are not applying any product in the hairline. You always start from the centre of the face and blend it out towards the hairline.

Here’s a Tip – The circular motions on the left side of the face should be clockwise and on right side of the face should be anti clockwise. Do no put to much pressure on the brush while applying the foundation. Only the tips are meant to touch your skin. And voila! you will get poreless, glowing and airbrushed finish on your face.



2. The Tapered Blending Brush  – Yet another magic brush you got to have in your kit. This is a round brush with fluffy bristles and tapered on top.
Use this brush to create the perfect crease in your eye every time. Take the color on the tip of the brush and dab a little color at the outer corner of your crease blending it in towards your inner corners. Swipe the brush the way a car windshield wiper would work.



3. The Eye Shadow Brush – This is a flat brush with  a dome shaped top. Use this to dab on the eye shadow in your lid area.



4. The Angular Eyebrow Brush – Do you ever wonder how professional makeup artists get perfect brows.  It’s all about the angles ?. Use the angular brush to fill in and shape your eyebrows . Hold the brush  with the longer side  facing down, using short strokes apply color in the same direction as your brow is growing giving them a little shape as you go along.


This should help you get set with the Basic Brushes. Of course you still need a brush for Dabbing on Powder, Blush and more. But more on that later. Hope you find this helpful.



Image Credits – 1) Cover Photo via Pinterest   2) Stipling Brush 3) Tapered Brush    4) Eyebrow Brush  5) Angular brow brush