Essentials for those little emergencies on the go


Very often at work you or a co-worker has a fashion emergency . From buttons that fall off shirts, food or beverage spills, shoe bites, dry skin or going straight from work to an evening out. Here I’ve put together a little rescue kit that one must have on hand for just these kinds of  emergencies to carry in your work bag or to keep in your desk drawer at work. Here is my list :

Wet Wipes – Besides cleaning your hands or face its useful to clean spots and stains from food spills, coffee, ink and more.

Dry Tissues – For those running noses or  dabbing your sweaty face if your out in humid weather. Excellent use as a blotter if you have oily skin.

Nail File – So annoying when your nail breaks and its snagging on fabric, hair and more. Nail Files and even a Nail cutter is so useful is a must have in my bag.

Hair Ties – If you have long hair that you leave loose, then this is a handbag essential to have. For times when you want your hair up and away from your face.

Comb, Band – Aids, Safety Pins, Hair Pins, Over the counter Pain Medicines –  You never know when you may need one.

Mirror – Yup to check if your lipstick hasn’t run and your makeup is in place, especially on the run.

Lip balm – Such a life saver in the dry office air. A Definite Must have among your handbag essentials.

Lipstick – When you need to touch up or have to head out for an evening out straight from the office.

Deodorant – No explanation required. You don’t want your bad body odour to be a talking point with your colleagues. So many people have bad body odour and they don’t even know it, this is one thing that people definitely dislike in another person.

Breath Mints – Same reason as above.

Perfume – If you forget to put some on when you leave home and for those social events your heading to straight after work. A word of caution though – Keep it light, don’t douse yourself in a strong perfume or you will have your co-workers running away from you.

Tampons – Tampons or napkins whatever you use is a must have. Either for yourself or your other female colleagues. Cant tell you how often I’ve lent one to someone at work.

Hand cream – The dry  office air doesn’t help your skin. Keep a cream with a refreshing smell that will perk you up every time you put on some hand cream.

Foldable Flat shoes – Yes for the times when you ignore your inner voice and wear those 5 inch pencil heels that you know aren’t sensible but look oh so good ! Then you end up with painful feet. Well, give your feet a break. if you have a lot of walking to do around your office or to and from your workplace, then keep a pair of these foldable flats on hand. You can find them via Amazon


Mineral water spray – Refreshing to mist your face with on a hot day or when your energy wanes. My favourite is Avene.


Now you even get these rescue kits ready to buy on amazon or on other websites. Let me know if you think I’ve missed any other must haves.


Image Credits – Cover Image via Sweetwaterdecor , Picture of Shoes and Avene Thermal water spray via