Sometimes we all need a fresh start or a makeover or just some thing different to add  to our daily routine or daily lives. Especially now when the world seems to be a chaotic place, with lots of noise and negative energy. Why not take your mind off all this ?  Make this year all about you. Your life, Your space, Your body, Your time. Today I’m talking about building your capsule wardrobe for the new year. This time of the year is cold or stays cool in most parts of India especially until early March. Why not refresh your casual wardrobe with these 10 items.


1. A Denim Dress  – Works for when the weather is cool, plus its always cool to wear this.



2.  Fitted White Tee – Perfect for layering. Easy to slip on under a jacket, cardigan or a dress.


3.  A Plaid Flannel Shirt – To wear over a tee or a pullover. Also worn by itself with a pair of jeans its a classic casual look.


4. Blue Jeans – An all time staple in your closet, it  just needs to be updated every now then with a different fit or wash or style.


5. A Military inspired style, lightweight cotton jacket – Its another wardrobe staple for me. Can be worn everywhere of course unless its raining or snowy. Also great for layering and travel.

6. A pretty floral top that will carry you through spring. Will go with jeans, trousers, skirts. Is easy on the eye and fresh.

7. A Knit look charcoal skirt – This can be worn for an evening out or a casual lunch paired the floral top above.


8.  A silk scarf – This is the perfect weather to throw on a scarf.


9. Its the time to bring out all those pairs of boots you have in your closet. Here is one that I like.


10 . Be on trend in this little choker. Goes with all the pieces above and its always easy to update a classic wardrobe with a few inexpensive on trend accessories.


Let me know what else you would add to your wardrobe as key pieces in your wardrobe.


Image Credits – Images 1-5, 8 & 9 via , Images 6, 7 and 10 via  They both ship to India.