It’s a new month and  great time to set a new goal. I have to confess while I’ve been an athlete during school and college which was many years ago I’m not much of a runner now. And I m definitely not a long distance runner. I have run a marathon or two in the years since college but the farthest I ve ever gone is 5 kilometres. That hasn’t changed now that  I have taken up running in the past 2 years and haven’t been too consistent. A past ankle injury and other knee injuries I’ve had in the past thanks largely to my wrong training, whilst getting excited about running has been a deterrent to me from making running a regular thing. But this past Month I ve slowly increased my running distance from 3 Kms to 5Kms and I’m determined to achieve a goal of 100 Kilometres in  November. Why do I run ? Because I’ve decided that as long as I can be physically active, I would like to be able to run 3-5 Kilometres as often as I can and I want to be fit to run that distance at any given time. Do I want to run a marathon again ? I don’t know that now. Do I want to run a half marathon ? No that’s definitely not for me. Would I want to reach a goal of 10 Kilometres a day ? Yea sure. But I m not a fan of running a lot. So here is my plan – I want to run 5 Kilometres everyday or every alternate day and cover the 100 Kilometres. The apps aiding me in this is the Nike Running app on my iPhone which I just love. It must seem easy for most people but to me its a difficult goal even if I ve been running 3-4 kilometres a couple of times a week for a while now.

Here is how I prepare before my run –

  1. Have protein for breakfast like hard boiled or scrambled eggs and drink a green smoothie loaded with greens, acai seeds, beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger.
  2. Wear the right running shoes with enough cushioning, do your research and buy the right pair to avoid injuries due to the wrong shoes. I use the Nike 4.0 for running
  3. I make sure I’m wearing fitted clothes while running so nothing gets in my way.
  4. When I get to gym ( right now I run indoors on a treadmill) I first stretch, followed by a  10 minute warm up on the cross trainer.
  5. When I get on the treadmill if I’m not warmed up enough then I walk for another 10 minutes or slow jog on the treadmill before I start my run.
  6. I run at a speed of  8.5 on the treadmill and sometimes I run at 9. I don’t try to run crazy fast at all unless I complete 3 Kilometres and even then I don’t overdo it.
  7. Post run I stretch again and spend 5 – 10 minutes on the rowing machine every other day.
  8. When I’m done I have a protein drink which I carry with me and when I get home I have a glass of tender coconut water or buttermilk.
  9. I also keep my body slightly warm through the day to avoid achy muscles and make sure I take my Calcium, Multi vitamin and C0Q10 supplements and follow a High protein diet.
  10. And an  awesome playlist to power and motivate me on my run.

Anyone joining me for the 100 Kilometres goal this month, let me know via comments below or on Facebook. Of course if you do decide to join me and haven’t been running regularly or exercising at all, do consult your doctor before you start.