I cannot believe we are already into October in 2015. Time flies or what ? This is my favourite time of the year, actually my favourite Months in the year always has been between September to December. I love the whole festive atmosphere with all the major festivals coming in this time of the year. I love  Diwali and Christmas, the start of the wedding and party seasons and somehow its a joyous time. So far October has been busy with family happenings – a birth,happenings at my dad’s coffee estate in Coorg, catching up with an Aunt and long activity filled weekends with my baby girl. I just about managed to catch the movie  ‘The Intern’  yesterday before it got knocked out of the theatres. Having heard good reviews I really needed a mid week break, so off I went roping in the husband. I really liked it, I thought it was a lovely feel good movie just like all the other Nancy Meyers Movies. Starting this weekend  my daughter’s playgroup closes for the Dussehra holidays till almost the end of the Month. So we quickly planned a mid Month beach break to Goa. My baby girl just loves the beach and for us its time to unwind. When I get back I also head out to Coorg my hometown in the hills for a week. Spending some time relaxing with my folks, savouring Mom’s cooking and taking long walks in the hills around our home and estate. I’ve also been working out hard at the gym and don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve built up so far.I took a break from Yoga for a couple of weeks now but  I plan to get back on track and also get some running miles under my belt. Later in the Month I want to catch the very popular Indian version of the play ‘Vagina Monologues’ on the 24th October and end this Month starting my course. Yes I’m getting a certification in Image Consulting and have taken up a course to learn how to do it professionally. Fingers crossed for this new career direction while I continue  blogging. I close the month with a  Halloween party that my daughter is going to, Now that I’m definitely look forward to ! Have a great October ! Happy Dussehra and Happy Halloween.

Do write in  and share what your October Calendar looks like and for those taking a holiday break this Dussehra, do share what your holiday plans are over here.