TGIF and guess what I did this morning – Got myself a mean pedicure by a podiatrist. Yup it’s a bit clinical and nope you don’t get a soothing pressure point foot massage to go with it but god my feet is like a baby’s bottom well almost like that if you know what I mean when I’m done with the pedicure. A while ago my mother in law put me in touch with this podiatrist who specialises in manicures and pedicures and since the first pedicure with this wonder man I get a regular salon pedicure only when I can’t get an appointment with him. It’s a lot like the French Medi pedicures, all the fluff is missing, so no nail paint application after the pedicure and no massage yes I know I already covered that, it’s a sore point with me, but a podiatrist’s true talents lies in ensuring your feet is free of ingrown nails, he checks for bunions, corns and calluses and the instruments that he uses are very different from that of your usual salons. Using these said instruments which look sharp and scalpel like, he scrapes the dead skin, calluses and any other nasty corns. Cuts, files and cleans the nail, smoothens out the nail surface by scrubbing with an emery board and ends the pedicure by scrubbing with olive oil. End result – Heavenly feet. Try a pedicure with Podiatrist once or between salon pedicures to keep your feet in top shape. Happy Friday everyone.