Successful Mondays lie in our Sunday Evening Routines

Its as important to plan your Sunday evening as it is to plan your Monday Mornings. Most of my friends including me feel the Monday Blues coming on from the previous Sunday evening. Successful Monday Mornings depend on how you spend your Sunday evenings. If you burn the midnight oil on Sunday night watching that Movie or stepping out to dinner and getting back late at night,it can cause you to have stressful Monday Mornings. Moreover if you have kids who have to head off to school early morning then things definitely gets busy.

Here are my tips for organizing your Sunday evening :

1.Sunday Night In – Plan to spend a quiet evening at home on a Sunday night. Socialise with friends and family over Brunch or lunch. Avoid doing so for dinner as it may end up getting a little late in evening. This in turn will delay your bedtime. Which means you to wake up feeling less rested on Monday. I recommend late night partying on a Friday or Saturday evening.

2.Eat out at Home – To avoid feeling like you’ve spent the whole Sunday cooking,order in your Sunday Evening Dinners. If you have been meal prepping over the weekend,running personal errands or taking your kids out then make it easy on yourself by not having to to think about cooking dinner too.

3.Watch the Clock – Winding down on Sunday evenings with Netflix or a TV show, do watch the clock and try to wind up early. Try not to get too caught up and stay up watching until midnight. Same goes with reading or internet surfing. I’ve lost countless hours reading late into the night and then I pay for it dearly the next morning.

4.Organize your Ride – Take time on your weekend to take your car to the fuel station to get it tanked up for the week ahead. Doing this on a Monday morning on your way to work is a bad idea. You don’t want to lose precious minutes of travel time at the gas station instead.Ditto on the air in your tyres, oil, windshield cleaning liquid etc. Clean your car, check if everything is updated and ready to go. Check if you have you car stocked up with the essentials such as dusting cloth, wet wipes, paper napkins, all valid car papers and tool kit.

5.Plan your outfit – Think thru about what your Monday will be like and put together your outfit for the next day. I would recommend you even go further and plan your outfits for the week.Try them on if you have to.Pair them with the accessories your going to wear it with, hang them all together. Clean your purse and wallet. See that you have all your essentials in your purse like Money, lipstick, comb, wet wipes, business cards and pen.Put together your shoes, clean them and keep them ready to wear.Your all set now.

6.Tech Stuff – Phone Check, Laptop check, Chargers check, Powerbank Charged and Ready. Do a quick run through and see everything is organised.

7. Workout – If you workout in the AM,put aside your workout gear for the next morning. If you carry your gear to work, why not pack your bag and put in your car now. That way you avoid rushing around in the morning.

7. Plan your breakfast – See that you get to eat a healthy and filling breakfast. Plan ahead and prep by making sure all the required ingredients are in place. If you carry your lunch to work,prep on Sunday for the next day.Put aside a few healthy snacks that you can stock your desk at work with like nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, fruit.

8. Now get to bed,listen to some calming music, spend time with your loved ones and get a good nights’s sleep.

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