Outdoor living is such an important part of our lives especially in the Spring and Summers. Summer is officially here in Bangalore since the end of Feb and its sweltering. I cant even bear to step outdoors during the day in this heat. Every time I have an errand to run my mind just switches off ! I love the cold and don’t like the Indian sweltering summer’s for sure. But since the days are longer its also nice to spend a little time outdoors every evening.Why not take advantage of a lovely outdoor place if you already have one or create one. Its so calming to relax with a book or over a cup of tea in solitude or enjoy your kids play dates and even entertain. Take an hour in the early morning or late evenings to enjoy some downtime in your balcony or terrace or backyard. (I love backyards but don’t have one) I’m trying to add as much greenery as is possible to have in a small Balcony and in my terrace garden. I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful outdoor spaces I see on Pinterest, Houzz, Apartment Therapy and even some of my friends gardens. So if you’re like me day dreaming about beautiful outdoor spaces have a look at some of my favourite outdoor living spaces below.

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