Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Learning to love Mondays is tough for me but I’m getting there. What I do love about Mondays or Sunday evenings is to plan my week and To Do’s. I love organizing stuff and myself and maybe others too. I love to write to do’s, make lists and tick them off as I complete it. Im a list maker, I enjoy it but the real reason is because I enjoy writing all this down on beautiful stationery. My obsession with stationery extends to collecting Pretty Diaries, Notebooks, post its, lovely hand made paper, gift wrapping paper, thank notes, gift cards and tags and Invites. I cant pass by a stationery store without stopping by and now I indulge in window shopping online for beautifully designed stationery.I do tend to like feminine and elegant designs. Its classy to use beautiful stationery and says so much about your personal style. So go ahead and send those hand written notes to people you love if you don’t already do that and make those plans. I’m sharing here with you some of my paper loves and favourite websites to buy gorgeous stationery.

  • Paperlesspost.com – to send gorgeous cards and invites and thank you notes online
  • simplyjessicamarie.com/shop/ – Beautifully designed invites and cards
  • shop.thisisglamorous.com – In love with all their stuff but especially this suede pink notebook
  • Katespaperie.com – For all types of stationery
  • smythson.com/stationery- For the Best Organizers and Diaries
  • katespade.com/desk-stationery/ks-home-desk-and-stationery – for notes, post its, thank you cards and business cards
    • http://chicandeffortless.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/paperless-post1

      Paperless Post

    • http://chicandeffortless.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/paperless-post

      Paperless Post

    • http://chicandeffortless.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/smythson-e1433155533865


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