Invest in Great Basics

When it comes to my personal style I usually adhere to  a few personal style mantras. The most important of them all is that I like to mix great  basics with luxe accessories for everyday dressing. Everyday dressing  for me comprises of outfits I would wear everyday at home or for work. That could mean a day spent at the office or a casual day at home running errands, visiting friends or family, catching a movie, shopping or a business meeting in a coffee shop. I choose to  enjoy the small luxuries everyday. I like to invest and enjoy my luxe buys as often as possible and avoid saving  it for an occasion. Yes there are pieces that you can and should wear just for an occasion like a diamond necklace. But there is something pleasurable in wearing items that you can appreciate  everyday.

leather jacket


5 Star accessories help elevate a basic look.It can dress up a simple outfit. Accessories take you from boring to effortlessly chic. For example if I own a great bag or watch, I like to use it every day or as often as possible. You will find me wearing a basic but good quality tee and well cut jeans with a luxury bag and smart but comfy shoes paired with a luxe watch. I may also add some chunky jewelry bought at a flea market. You may also find me wearing a dress bought at the said flea market for a throwaway price but paired with a Gucci bag and an edgy cuff or necklace.

daily wear

In the above collage a simple white tee and jeans are teamed with a Cartier Tank Watch, Hermes Belt, Balenciaga City Leather Tote, Gucci Sunglasses and Converse Shoes. This is a basic everyday run around outfit.

This is something I advise clients during our Image consulting and wardrobe management sessions. Especially for clients who are still figuring out their personal style. Invest in good Basics that fit you well and in a style that suits your shape. Buy a good quality t -shirt or blouse. Look for well fitted jeans and trousers. Invest in that perfect pair of formal pants for work which you will wear over and over again. You don’t have to buy these from the Luxury designer outlets, but most of the high street brands like Zara, Gap, JCrew, Mango, Promod, Marks and Spencer do carry excellent fits, cuts, colors and styles.



Pay attention to your accessories. Invest in a luxury Bag or bags if your budget allows it. Bags are an obsession with me. In my twenties I went through this phase where I had bags in literally every color to match all my outfits. Must have had at least 30 Bags and obviously these couldn’t be carried everyday. One day I took out this bag that I really loved to carry for work and got a rude shock when I found that my lovely Zara bag was coming apart. I had ruined my bag by just keeping it and because it wasn’t made of leather it had started to shred. Lesson learnt, I take better care of my bags now but the bigger lesson was to invest in a good quality bag which led me to start buying luxury bags.


In the above collage I’ve teamed a pastel silk shirt tucked into Flared Jeans with a Bulgari serpenti vintage watch, Valentino tote, Block heeled sandals, dress earrings and rose tinted aviators. This can be worn for a lunch date or while visinting friends, a PTA or a Book launch. The clothes are simple but well cut basics in a high quality fabric and luxe accessories that dress up this look.

Similarly invest in quality accessories such as belts, shoes, jackets and coats, scarves, sunglasses, wallets and Jewelry. Wear real Jewelry when you can. I know a lot of my friends who tell me that they have jewelry hoarded away and never wear them. Why not change some of these pieces especially if you don’t like them and they are unwearable for everyday ? Morden Jewelry is now available in India  by Tanishq and other Jewelry Brands. This can be worn everyday. Why not pair that single row  Kundan necklace with a little black dress. Or wear your chunky rings with a white shirt for work. All the high street brands now carry a small collection of jewelry why not pick up a few pieces to wear everyday. I especially like Aldo, Call it Spring, Forever 21 and Accessorize.


I’m fussy about shoes. Please wear pretty shoes. A whole outfit can be ruined by bad shoes. I cannot stand seeing someone ruining their look with a bad pair. And for gods sake please dump those platform shoes with ugly broad straps that some women seem to wear to make themselves look taller. It may make you look tall but it makes you also look terrible. There are shoes with an aesthetically designed heel which is also comfortable that will make you look taller and your feet prettier. Today we have access to shoes to suit all kinds of needs and feet. Choose well and buy a pair that makes you feel good and your feet pretty. You will walk with a spring in your step.

I’m going to sign off now and let  you mull about what I’ve said here. If you need consulting services from us for help with your style or Wardrobe you can connect with me at


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