I wanted to come in and talk about a topic that is important to me. In recent years I’ve realised  I am a big planner. I need to plan most aspects of my life to keep it running smoothly with minimum disruptions.When I refer to planning I’m talking about  stuff that needs to get done at work,home,in my life. Errands,chores,home maintenance,career related,travel etc.

Why do I need to plan?  because for one I hate living by the seat of my pants, it  also means I waste less time on non priority areas and things go smoothly in my day-to-day life. Today I’m talking about Planning ahead for a week. Things that we all as working women, busy mothers need to keep on track with.

1. Meal Prep: We all have to eat and planning our meals everyday drive plenty of people nuts. No one I know wants to be slaving in the Kitchen after a long day at work. Most  women I know are still the  ones in charge of  the food in their homes. Not everyone has staff to help them cook. Meal prep is therefore very important if you want to spend less time in your kitchen after a long day.

Plan your tentative menu for the week. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Kids meals and keeping everyone’s diet in mind. Decide which day you are planning to spend on meal prep. An aunt of mine usually spends 2 whole days every 2 weeks  to meal prep and cook food to freeze for the weeks ahead. Another friend likes to eat freshly cooked food everyday,so she only plans her menu and preps the veggies and other ingredients. And puts it together before her dinner every night. Depending on how you like to eat, this needs planning. Planning your menu, buying your ingredients and preparing all the food items to cook our meals. For plan ahead menus here are some resources : Epicurious, Archana’sKitchen.com

menu planning


2. Grocery Shopping : I hate grocery shopping ! The time it takes to get to the shops,park,do your shopping,sometimes running to another shop if they’ve run out of stuff is a pain. Hence I’ve learnt to outsource. I shop most of the dry grocery items and household supplies online via Big Basket, I use Dunzo to  pickup my organic vegetables,fruits,fish,eggs and anything else that I run out of during the week. And do a run of the shops on a saturday morning for essentials like Bread, Butter,fruit and more. If I don’t do this I assure you that my week turns out to be stressful.


3. Plan your clothes : This comes up again. But have a general plan of what your week looks like and plan your clothes accordingly. Have it washed, ironed and ready. Avoid spending precious time every morning trying to figure out what you want to wear.


4. Want to do/Love to Do: If you don’t plan to do things you love or want to it usually ends up getting postponed or doesn’t happen.When  I do my weekly planning, I include the things I want to do like my exercise schedule, my weekly walk, organising play dates for my daughter, planning outings with  like a picnic or to go horse riding, the classes she needs to go to, dinner with friends and dates with my husband.



5. Plan your weekend ahead: This is related to the above point I usually try to loosely plan my weekend.What I’m doing on Saturdays and Sundays are very important to me even if it is just staying home.For e.g I like to plan my child’s bike rides at Cubbon park on Sundays as the park is closed to traffic every sunday. Same with her pony rides which needs to be organised on the weekends so we can walk while she rides. Post the ride we have our breakfast together at the cafe. I also prefer to visit my parents on Sunday afternoons when they are in town.

My Sunday night ritual is to cook dinners for my family myself. This I do have to plan in advance and meal prep a lil bit. Coz I find it tough especially if its something elaborate (I have staff to help with cooking during the week) I love having my weekends planned, it makes it easy for me prioritise whats important for me.That’s my quick post for today. Hope you find this useful.



Image Credits – Cover Image (Own graphic) Image 1 via Halsa Nutrition  Image 2 via Whole30,  Image 3 via thehomesihavemade.com