Reduce your Digital Distractions  & become more productive


Are your digital distractions lowering your productivity?  We have all these apps, websites and programs that are supposed to help make you more efficient. However, I find that it means that you are spending a lot of time online and getting distracted by someone’s insta feed, or snap chat or trying to get info into an app and before you know it the whole day has gone by in a blur with very little done. I’m as guilty as you are. I’ve now consciously spent a little time trying to get a grip literally on this.hings. If you are sailing in this boat currently, then here are my pointers on how to get a handle on your time and distractions asap. 

Social Media

  • Decide just 3 slots in a day for all your social media apps from Snapchat, Insta, Twitter, and Facebook. Discipline yourself to check in only in those slots.
  • Put off distracting notifications if that is causing you to want to log on all the time and stick to these times. Keep these blocks of time short and sweet.
  • Clean up your feeds and timeline. Knock off things that seem to just crowd your timeline. Unfollow people or sites that post too much especially if the content isn’t even interesting to you.
  • Also, unfollowing people that aren’t your real friends will ensure that only relevant stuff and people who matter most to you comes up on your timeline.


  • Set Up filters in your email that will automatically file items like newsletters, receipts, notifications in folders. This will help you prioritize only important emails.
  • Again choose intervals to check email e.g every half hour. This will keep you on track with your agenda for the day.

Mobile Phone Distractions

  • Ignore the reflex to look at your phone when you get a moment. We reach for our phones everywhere including traffic stops.
  • Unless you have more than 5 or 10 mins of free time don’t reach for your phone, bang out a Whatsapp messages etc. Instead stay mindful to where ever you are at that moment.
  • WhatsApp – Put off notifications if you can and detox by getting out from groups you are part of. Most groups end up being a place to send jokes and videos.
  • Tell the groups you are digitally detoxing as your Whatsapp has become unmanageable and a distraction. Therefore, you are exiting the group.
  • But do keep it positive and let them know you would like to connect with them one on one.


  • Get all your news at one place like Feedly or Flipboard which you can customise to get feeds from a variety of sites instead of having to log on various websites. You can stop getting distracted by clicking on interesting ads, posts and click bait articles.


Use your commute effectively to complete checking all these different platforms so when you get home you are free from screens. 

Here is a post on making the most of your commute.


Pic credits – Stock photos via Pixabay