Refresh your living room quickly

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1.Declutter – Do a quick sweep with a box in hand to dump the clutter over surfaces, table tops, side tables around the house and clear those correspondences, bills, receipts, keys , bits and pieces that are lying around by quickly finding one place to put them all at or spend at least 10 minutes deciding what needs to be looked at and what needs to be trashed. it is said that when one enters a room if the surfaces are cleared up somehow the room feels more tidy than it actually is. Despite all my good intentions, I find paper clutter building around the house at an alarming pace, if I don’t get down to it weekly. 

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2. Fresh Flowers – I love having fresh flowers and I’m sure most people do too. Having fresh flowers in a vase just perks up the space instantly and additionally its also a mood lifter. 

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 3. Colorful cushions – When you want to change the vibe in your living room, you can just change the cushion covers, go with a different color scheme or change according to the seasons and occasions

4. A Pretty Rug – Changing your living room rug by putting a soft and pretty rug or one in a different colour also makes a for a refreshing change. Its truly an insta lift.

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5. Move Furniture Around – refresh your living room just by  moving around your existing  furniture, giving new perspective to your living room. You can also alter a few existing pieces and transform it to give it a different appearance. Check here for a place that does that in Bangalore.


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6. Art  – I love changing the pictures on my walls, every now and then. Sometimes pictures are bought at a certain phase in our lives and then like a lot of things you find that you don’t feel the same way about the pictures or your personal style has changed since. So getting fresh art work on the walls or regrouping them differently makes a big difference to your room décor.

 7. Plants – Adding strategically placed plants in beautiful planters gives the  space a breath of freshness. Greenery is so calming around the house.

8. Lamps – Get a  Pretty lamp or change the lamps in your home and give lighting in your home an upgrade. Consider adding a standing lamp if you only have table lamps, or add scones to your walls to give it that touch of glam

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9. Curtains – Some homes have curtains or blinds in the living room, consider changing them every couple of years to keep the place looking fresh. Go with a different colour scheme or texture.

10. Paint – True its not that quick but it can still be done in a day if you want a major makeover or  go ahead and paint your walls in different  color from what you usually go for. Try  adding an accent colour on one wall or just refreshing the paint with a fresh coat.


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