Simple pleasures are what makes life worth living. Waiting for special events and big holidays are definetely an unbeatable feeling. However its the smaller every day things we do in our daily routines is what brings us joy. A lot of people may scoff at this post as being too indulgent, but to me these  things collectively make me look forward to my day. I may take it for granted sometimes because it has become such a part of my routine. To me these are necessary luxuries, this list may be different for each of you. So why not add simple pleasures in to your everyday life.

Fresh Flowers – Every week  I get fresh flowers delivered from the neighbourhood florist. It lights up my day and makes my home look lovely. It fills the air with fragrance especially if I ve got tube roses in the mix.


Magazine Subscriptions –  I have to confess that I am a magazine junkie.Therefore I subscribe to a couple of the Indian Magazines and few other international ones via my iPad. Every month when I get my Vogue India, Conde Nast Traveller  or Harper’s Bazaar I cant wait to dive in. Some nights before going to bed I love to peruse the magazines on my iPad.


At Home Massages – I spent a lot time in the  last 10 years getting massages at a day spa at least twice a month. Its my stress reliever, makes me feel good in my skin and removes all those aches and pains of a crazy corporate life. But since I had a baby I discovered the joy of having an at home massage.I have this awesome lady who comes over and gives me a 90 min massage. I try to get one at least twice a month. The health benefits of a good body massage are numerous. Yes there isn’t the spa like atmosphere at home, but I ve tried to create one with the right massage mat, diffuser oils, candle light and soft music.



A selection of fine tea and coffees – I love my tea and coffee ever now and then. I  keep a well stocked  selection of  fine tea,coffee, green tea. Being able to sit down with a cup of tea in a lovely tea cup gives me immense pleasure. Its a part of my daily routine.


Beautiful Soaps – I have a thing for beautiful soaps, the idea of having a shower or washing my hands with beautiful handmade soaps in a gorgeous fragrance gives me joy.I cant resist buying soap wherever I see it even if I have a ton already. And now I notice my toddler also loves these soaps and soap lotions as well as hand cream. She enjoys washing her hands and then putting on some hand lotion and then sniffing her lil baby palms. Pure joy. I usually get my soaps from L’occitane.

My other simple pleasures include eating on beautiful crockery, scented candles, coffee table style and decor books. Seeing plants grow in my terrace garden, being able to listen to any kind of music I want to  on my phone via Tunein radio or apple music. Netflix being able to watch my favourite shows whenever I please with out the interruption of ads. Being able to buy organic fruits and vegetables and the smell of a cake baking.


Do share with me in the comments below what your simple everyday pleasures are, I would love to know.

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