quality time


Be Available

Spend Quality time. Stop looking at your phone or iPad or Netflix while your child is trying to talk to you. Be present for play times and while indulging an activity together. Once you’ve given them solid one on one time and the kids are in bed then you can do all the phone time that you want. Lots of parents are constantly distracted by WhatsApp notifications, Facebook updates, Instagram posts and tweets besides also checking on work emails and more. Stop this, cause your children are noticing it, mine did.


Let your kids get bored

Instead of scheduling play dates and planning fun activities all the time, allow for some downtime. The number of kids I see who get no downtime isn’t funny, and it shows in their temper tantrums and behavior with other kids. Encourage your kids to keep themselves busy and to fill free time by coming up with their own plans and activities. In addition to boosting their creativity and ability to take initiative, you will benefit from not having to drive them to yet another after school practice.


But don’t let them get too bored

The opposite of over scheduling is not doing anything at all. While some parents can pack the activities in, some just don’t.The kids start acting out, caused by boredom and not having anything to engage them. Be moderate and balanced while planning activities. Give the kids plenty of rest but also make it fun with a mix of play and classes that interest them.

quality time

Walk the talk

Make healthy habits a family value. First, you do what you want the kids to do. It’s a great way to encourage. Eat the fruits and vegetables you serve to your kids. Take the stairs, walk-in the park, go for a run, cycle. Make sleep a priority for everyone. Eat at the table. Cut down on screen time. Everyone will be happier, healthier and less stressed.

Don’t solve all their Problems

Allow your kids to solve their own problems ( depending on their age). Resist the impulse to swoop in and resolve any issue they are having at school or with a friend. Give advice, enable and empower them. This will give them the confidence that they can do it on their own later. If you do it, it undermines their ability to learn to navigate their way through life’s  challenges.


Take some quality time

Women are the first to take great care of others and the last to take care of themselves. Don’t skip that doctor’s appointment. Take time to see friends. Hire a babysitter so you can have a date night. You will be a better mom when your own needs are met.


Outdoor Play 

Encourage your children to play outside and reduce screen time. In addition to being good for their physical fitness,  mental development, and sociability. Studies show it improves academic performance. Best of all, it’s fun.



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