This month’s style spotlight has been my style crush for a couple of years now. Olivia Palermo has appeared on almost every best dressed list around the world. She is admired for her sense of fashion by millions of women. And like all those women I follow her appearances and dissect her look religiously. She is not only chic but she also makes it all look thrown together effortlessly. Be it dressed up or down, for a red carpet event or a walk with her lil dog she is always chic. It also helps tremendously I suppose that she is blessed in the good looks department and those legs…..amazing. she seems to get it right all the time, I ve yet to see a look that I didn’t like on her or fashion misstep by her. So what’s her signature style and how does she get it right almost all the time?

1. She is not afraid of Prints, Patterns and Textures. She fearlessly mixes them together breaking all the rules

Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-14















Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-15

Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-4




































2. She dresses up her basics with star accessories elevating a simple everyday look into serious chic. The perfect sunglasses, a great bag, a little Blazer or fur Jacket, the right fitting pair of jeans, pretty shoes. Simple but sophisticated when all the elements come together.

Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-1






















Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-3




































Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-9



































3. She owns some gorgeous pieces of Jewelry and wears it a lot. She doesn’t worry about over accessorising. Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-11


















 Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-19












4. She has an enviable Bag collection and carries a Birkin for day or a Zara Clutch on the red carpet with easy nonchalance. She knows how to mix luxe with high street buys.

Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-6























Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-18
















5. She has no bad hair days. She sports perfectly done shiny healthy hair….everyday. Don’t believe me – Check her pictures.
















Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-7

























Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-5



























6. That perfect Red Nail, always a fashion staple with OP.

Olivia Palermo - Style Crush-13
























All Images via Pinterest.