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Throwing a party is sometimes less fun than the actual party, especially when its a theme party. I had a recent Birthday so I threw a brunch for my dearest girlfriends but decided to add a twist. I organised a photo shoot that me and my fledgling Image consulting and styling company would style for the shoot. I thought it would be fun and the girls would like to dress up and pose for a professional photographer. Apparently not everyone was as kicked as I was about this idea. While some of the girls were excited a few were not looking forward to spending the afternoon getting into cocktail dresses and make up and posing. So here’s the thing about themed parties, don’t always have a theme party and expect guests to dress in a theme to come to the party. If you do it one too many times then people find it a drag.Lesson learnt, next time ask people if they want to be part of a photo shoot.


Here are my Party planning tips for parties that stand out without you losing your mind :

Have a Visual Theme – I love having Themes at my parties. Plan a nice visual theme in terms of your décor, the ambience, the music, the food and cocktails. If its a Moroccan theme then plan the décor accordingly by adding low seating, having eastern style lanterns, serve a tagine, serve on Moroccan style crockery and have Moroccan mint tea with the dessert. If its a Diwali Party, then go Desi with the décor add traditional flowers, serve Indian Food and Indian sweets as dessert, play Bollywood music, light diyas , burst a few crackers and have a card game too. It makes for an interesting and memorable party.


Food & Drink  –    Delicious Food and wonderful drinks are the most important elements in a party. Always make sure you serve food which is tasty and of great quality ,this is one thing that cant and shouldn’t fail at any party. People always remember when they eat bad food. Have a well stocked Bar. I always stock Red and White Wines, a few bottles of sparkling wine, Vodka, Rum and a good bottle of Whisky


Bring in the outdoors – Best place is to have the party in an outdoor cum indoor space. A room which opens on to  patch of lawn or a small garden or a plant filled balcony is always pretty. Add a lot of outdoor elements to your indoor space via flowers, potted plants, little plants for the table décor.

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Candles and string lights – Always have lit candle lights, tealights,votives,candles in hanging lanterns in the garden. Light your entry with hurricane lamps and pillar candles. Low lighting with candles  always makes a space stylish and cosy. Candles instantly makes the mood festive. The same goes for string lights especially when you have an outdoorsy party, nothing makes your place look as pretty as string lights do.

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Music – Plan your playlist – If its an upbeat party then create your cool house music playlist, if its party with dancing – bring in a DJ, if its a Bollywood night then Bollywood music it is, if its a game night then play an easy listening radio channel, if its a cocktail party have a cool vibe like jazz playing in the background, plan your music according the theme or the mood you want. I have not been very good at getting the music sorted at my parties but I definitely plan to remedy that at the next one.

Attention to the little  details – Serve food on beautiful crockery. That’s what those dinner sets you’ve bought are for, don’t always save them up for a special occasion  or not use the cause it may break or you have a lot of washing up to do later. Make your guests feel special and make your party festive.If its a very large party and you don’t have enough for a large group then hire out the ceramic crockery. There are quite a few places that offer the service. Add your personal and stylish touches which you make your guests feel special like pretty cocktail napkins, chic serving trays, Gorgeous wine glasses, interesting cocktails and mocktails. I like the Bartenders choice app to  find cool cocktail recipes, but there are tons of other resources for cocktail and drinks recipes.

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Lastly plan ahead, get organised in advance and then get dressed, relax and enjoy your party.


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