6 Ideas for making your Family Time fun and Meaningful

Human Relationships as we all know are not easy to the say the least. Whether its the relationship between parents, siblings, extended families, friends or in love, relationships have their ups and downs. Sometimes its great and sometimes its a bit distant, simply because we are all different people and all our journeys are different and so are our priorities at each phase in our lives. Sometimes we get busy with our own lives and end up cutting out some important people or simply just take our loved ones for granted.In today’s busy world and single family units, if one doesn’t make the time to connect with your larger family, it usually gets distant and slowly you lose the connection and people move on in their own lives. However if you recognise that Family is important to you or there are members in your family you haven’t been spending enough time with the you must make the time, plan activities together and  make it easy for everyone to meet, laugh, talk and share. If you don’t know where to start  here are 6 ways to  bond and connect with your family.

1. Families that eat together stay together : This is a no brainer,  Make Time for family by planning to eat a meal as often as possible say once a week  or once a month what ever works for you. Have a dinner party, a brunch or a barbecue. If you already do this often, make the next dinner party fun like a mad hatters party or a crazy costume party. Set Up an outdoor seated lunch or a potluck. You can also host a game night and bring out all your board games, if folks in your family like to sing then have a karaoke night. Get together for a cook out with everyone pitching in including the men. Be creative and make it fun. Laughter and a bottle of wine can loosen people up.

2. Celebrate Together : Make it a point to celebrate festivals, birthdays, your successes and the main events of your life together. I was at a family wedding recently and at the end of the night everyone in the family just ended up eating on their own among their own groups, no one sat down at a long table together with the closest family and friends with the Bride and Bridegroom  and ate together. Such a missed opportunity for inclusiveness. At all celebrations be it a birthday, a promotion at work, cracking a deal in Business, Births, Children’s birthdays, an engagement or a wedding make sure you involve the most important people in your life. Its your way of saying they are important to you.Events become special when your loved ones are part of it. Similarly make  it a point to spend some  of the main Holidays a tradition. Plan it well in advance and let everyone know so they can keep that day free for family, Do this a couple of years in a row and it becomes a family tradition. Traditions are an important  part of a family unit. It can strengthen bonds, make lasting memories, builds connectedness for children and its special for everyone to get together.

3. Movie Night : Have a weekly or Monthly Movie night. Get everyone to give their choices and make a fun night out of it. If its at home then have all the works  popcorn, coke and nachos to go with the movie. Or order dinner in.

4. Doing Things together  : For those who don’t have a common ground or common interests or for new members in a family  it provides a chance for you to figure out what interests or passions each person has. Take a class together  like a baking class or a wine tasting class. If your among food is passion go check out a new restaurant, if your siblings like to party take your siblings to the club or get drinks at a new bar, go shopping together with the girls in your family, watch a music concert, or a play. Take your aunts out to lunch or take your folks to go visit an old relative who lives far away. If you take some time to think about each member of your family you can find so many things that you can do together.

5. Make time for Children : Time for Family includes the little people in your life. Create beautiful memories for the little ones in your family and yourself by planning fun activities or joining in at their play time. Take them to an activity centre or the park. Teach them a craft or fun stuff like flying a kite. Make it a day out by taking them swimming or to a picnic.  Read them a story or sit with them and paint or color with them in their books. there is so much you can do, it takes very little to make a child happy. Children are the best at  relationships, you give them your time and love and they give it back to you ten fold.

6. Holiday Together : A holiday is one way to connect with each other especially if you live away from each other, It is one of the easiest ways to bond and  make some fun memories as well as making it a special time for family. It can be a family tradition to go on  1 holiday together every year. Make it exciting from the start, together choose where you would like to go and at what time of the year. Choose your Hotels and design your itinerary, share fun facts of your destination with each other prior to the holiday, plan your packing and make sure you take along a huge currency of patience as holidays can also be stressful among families who don’t have their equation right or in families with different age groups and with varied interests. Decide to leave your ego, expectations and your judgements at home. Make it a peaceful time by trying to be agreeable or going along with some of the plans of the group. However do make some ground rules before you leave, like everyone must meet for Breakfast and Dinner everyday. It should be understood that sometimes group members should have free time to do their own thing and pursue their own individual interests. For example someone may want to spend more time shopping and less time sightseeing, or one would like to relax by the poolside with a book instead of doing yet another activity, you should let them be, coz its a holiday and everyone should find a way to be with each other yet enjoy the vacation at their own pace.

This is a long post but I hope you enjoyed reading it and it gives you ideas for things you can do in your own family. Do share what your family traditions  are in the comments section below.


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