12 Travel Essentials  for my Flight 

While I love to travel I’ve come to  realize that  I don’t really enjoy the journey there all that much especially if I m travelling with my toddler. I’ve now turned into one of those people who cant wait to get to my destination and fast. But what I really struggle with is packing for my travel. I am just not a light traveler.I used to carry my whole closet earlier but I’ve gotten better over the years.

What has worked for me is having my packing list handy. The organiser in me  has a  packing list by stored by  destination i.e. Beach, Mountain or City. Warm city or cold city. Snowy mountain or the country side which is cold but not snowy. My list also covers what to pack depending on my mode of travel – flight, train, bus or car.Im extreme so I even have a list for what to pack when I m traveling with a toddler, or just as a couple or with my girlfriends. I agree you don’t need these elaborate lists to pack. But for me it helps me stay organised with everything I need while also ensuring that I stay light and don’t carry my whole household with me.Today I’m sharing with you  my travel essentials for a flight especially when on a long distance flight.


Travel Essentials for a Flight



  1. A warm coat  – To wear  to the Airport especially if you are heading to a cold place, where you need to keep warm when you land.I always wear layers and once I board my flight I take off my jacket and have the flight attendant take it for me  or if I have space in my carry on baggage I put it away in there. Plus it looks chic and stylish.
  2. A cashmere wrap – To keep warm during the flight. I prefer this to airline blankets. I hate it when the flight is going to land in like an 45 minutes or an hour and the attendant asks to return the blanket. Which just leaves you cold and frozen in the plane.
  3. Headphones – Noise cancelling ones are the best. You just put them on drown out all the noise in the flight and of the plane. Same issue, whilst your watching the crucial end to your movie and the attendant tells you he wants the head phone back coz we are gonna land. V annoying especially if the movie doesn’t have subtitles.
  4. Thermal Water spray – A little pretentious but your skin will thank you on a long flight. Moisturising and Refreshing.
  5. Neck Pillow – I know a lot of stylistas won’t like this but comfort over wanting to look cool any day for me. Saves your neck and is so comfortable. Of course you don’t need it if your flying Business /Club  or First Class.
  6. Hand Cream – Saves you from  having really dry hands with a rich moisturising hand cream. Necessary after you wash your hands.
  7. Eye Mask – Your own soft and luxurious eye mask to block out the lights and save your peepers.
  8. Cleansing Wipes – For when you board and want to take off your makeup before catching up on sleep and to freshen up before landing
  9. Warm  Socks – Carry your own stylish socks for your flight and keep those toes warm.
  10. Lip Balm – I’m addicted to lip balm especially to Lucas Papaw since I discovered it when my sister from Australia was carrying it. Since then  I m constantly stock up on it. This super ointment works for everything from dry and chapped lips to cuts, burns, chaffing, insect bites, boils, cracked skin, open wounds and nappy rash. My all in one really.
  11. Kindle – My reading comes with me on my kindle, cant do with out it. Im obsessive about reading everyday.
  12. Ballet Flats – If your not already wearing comfy and easy to take off shoes to travel in, carrying a foldable ballet shoe to wear In-flight is a good idea and a space saver too. I hate walking around the flight in my socks so this works for me perfectly.